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Chez Larsson

At the CL Corrall

I was asked by Laure at Apartment Therapy to write a post about organizing a few weeks ago. My favourite subject, so of course I was game 🙂 You can read the whole post here. One of the tips I offered was to corrall your clutter. I thought it only fair to show you that I live as I teach. Haha.

Basically corralling your clutter enables you to keep some clutter about but in a way so it doesn’t look too messy. To me it simply means that I have some places around my house where I dump things laying about.

Every now and then I empty those places, put everything back where it belongs and start over with an empty bowl, basket or tray.


In the hallway on the windowsill I keep a square glass container. This is where keys, cell phones, wallets, buss passes and lip balm end up.


Next to the computer, where I’m standing writing this, I keep a small bowl. At the moment there are some hair ties, Wille’s 14th birthday candles, two rings, half an eraser, two keys, one bike tire cap, one unidentified plastic bit, two rings and a small wooden cat head Wille made.


On my side of the bed there’s this little milk glass container. In it I drop my ear plugs (Martin snores), my eye mask, cross word puzzle pen, and other bedside necessities. On Martins side it looks like this, but you already know that…


On the microwave in the kitchen there’s a tray. It’s Minis favourite spot but I also gather things laying about on the kitchen counters there. Pencils, recipes, cat toys and so on. Today there are two broken, to be mended forks there too 🙂


This basket is sitting in the hallway on top of the shoe storage. It’s opposite of the doors leading to the basement. The basket is a great way to corall all things which are supposed to be downstairs but aren’t. Other things end up in there too, like a water bottle and occasionally my bike helmet. I like the fact that it has a handle so whenever I need to take it downstairs to empty it it’s really easy. 


This white basket is sitting on the shelf in my laundry room. In it I keep Bounce dryer sheets (don’t have a dryer but love the smell), clothes pegs, coins, screws and other bits found in pockets before a load of laundry. There are some other bits and pieces in there too. Basically anything lying about.

That’s pretty much it. Six spots around the house which make our whole home look more streamlined. Feel free to try it out in a home near you!