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Martha my love…


It’s no secret that I love Martha Stewart.

I discovered her in 1990 in a book store in London (on my honeymoon actually, come to think of it). It was December and I got her "Christmas" book from one of the bookstores. That was it. I was sold! Here was this woman who appreciated all the things I appreciate AND made money doing what she loved 🙂

The same year she launched her magazine. I found out through an editor at a Swedish magazine, Damernas Värld, (I was working at a photo agency at the time) who thought I’d like it. Like it? I loved it from the second issue. First issue? I managed to get that on ebay for 79 US dollars a couple of years ago…


In the beginning I contacted somebody by the name Amy Shuler at the magazine’s head offices and sent her money orders so she’d send me the magazines. Later on I was able to get an international subscription and since quite a few years we get "MS Living" in our local shops here in Sweden. I’m proud (ha!) to say I have very single issue and I never (never ever!) tear anything out of them. Those "Living" mags are probably the one collection that will stay with me forever. Not that they’re worth much monetarily but because I keep getting inspired by them. Constantly.

Apart from "Living" I have most  of  her other publications too. Of course. I loved "Kids"! Wille and I did so many of the crafts in there. I’ve kept all of those too. I also love (and keep) all the special editions like the "Holiday" ones and especially one called "Technology at home" from 2001. I enjoy the beautiful photography of "Weddings" but since I’m still happily married I only get that one occasionaly 🙂


This is where I’m keeping them all

I have to say that apart from "Living" my all time favourite was "Blueprint". It was very Martha but in a younger more contemporary way. Martha, don’t get me wrong, but your personal decorating taste is a little bit more grown up than mine.

Martha inspires me all the time (I was going to say daily but that sounded too scary). If in doubt, what would Martha do? Cleaning tips? I check her homekeeping handbook. Organizing inspiration? I find the perfect article in the magazine. The list goes on. The one topic I skip: Cooking. Martin cooks. I clean.


Do I need to add I tape her TV show? It’s on at the weirdest hours over here… Wille and I are off to New Your City at the end of August so if they’re taping, I’m getting tickets. Wille claims he’s happier in the hotel room. But I’ll change his mind. For sure!

The photos are from Martha’s website, another great source of inspiration.

Love you Martha!


  • cindy k says:

    i would have to agree with everything you’ve said and have the same behaviors (i also loved, loved the baby magazine!). martha and her team continue to inspire.
    i have tapes of all of the old shows and attended a couple of tapings of her new show, too! we were also lucky enough to not only meet her on a garden tour, but also her mom who was so warm and adorable.
    i can see her influence in everything you do, which is a “good thing”.

  • Aprill says:

    I actually signed up to Martha’s website a few days ago. I love getting the daily craft newsletter. I would never think of these things if left to my own devices.

  • moline says:

    Oh Benita! I have to write on this on my blog and quote you! I love her, too and discovered an organizing book back in 1998. Then i was lost and bought the magazine ant lots of other organizing books. I feel the same about Blueprint. I loved it and she sometimes is too mother-in-lawish for me. And not to mention the kid’s magazine she gave up, too!

  • Benita says:

    Yvonne, please do! I love (and agree to) your mother-in-law commment! Martin laughed so hard!!!
    How great that the three of you like Martha like I do!!! I’ve noticed quite a few snide remarks her way in blogs…

  • I love seeing your collection…I have a similar one, not quite as big but I’ve been watching her since I was in Junior High…I liked her then, which was pretty odd for a 14 yr old! Now she’s still an inspiration!

  • Skye says:

    You Benita, are my Martha. <3

  • Minna says:

    I would need to borrow all your Martha magazines and books since I’m the worst organizer ever. Have always dreamed of a well organized home though… And admire Martha for her ideas and the trademark she has built around her lifestyle. I discovered Danish Martha, Isabella Smith, a couple years ago and she’s my idol. Just love the magazine, her shows and the “Isabella”-style.
    I better keep following your blog for inspiration…you never know what might happen in my less organized household : )))

  • ellen says:

    Just discovered your blog and have been wandering through your older posts — do you miss Blueprint as much as I do?? I’m so sad that only lasted such a short period.
    When we recently moved, I finally agreed to get rid of the bulk of the magazines I had been saving. They were just taking up too much room and we had limited storage options. I did request that I could keep my MS Living and Real Simple ones.
    I put my husband in charge of this project — since it can be hard to part with things that you’ve saved. Thank goodness for him, though — he saved my Blueprints as well, I had forgotten to mention those but he had clearly remembered my disappointment when the magazine folded. This is why I love him — well, one of about 100 reasons ;o)
    Anyway — your blog is lovely, thanks for sharing your life and home with us!

  • Benita says:

    ellen, I do, I do!!!! It was so perfect. A little bit younger, a little less food but still “Martha”.
    Welcome to my blog! Your husband sure sounds like a sweetie! I wouldn’t have dared put Martin in charge of such an important task 🙂