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Chez Larsson

Messy, messy me

You didn’t honestly think that every nook and cranny is spic n’ span in our house, did you?

I too have spaces that are not so organized. I don’t know about you but those places really bug me! It’s like I can’t realax completely until I’ve sorted them out. Not sane I know.


The cabinet downstairs in our guestroom/boatroom (Martin keeps all his nautical books and things in that room hence the name) is just such a messy space that I hate… The stuff in there is the kind I don’t really know where else to keep.  An old antique ablum of pressed flowers, a stamp collection, some thrifted crosstitch art which I decided is not my style after all, my fabrics and sewing supplies, fabric paint, files I may need for possible future job interviews, various craft projects, books too large for book case or of subject not fitting in anywhere else, large size graph paper etc etc.

I finally made the effort to clear it out. Got rid of a lot of papers. To be recycled. Realised there was no way I was going to show any prospective new employers some of my "early work" so I binned that. Kept some for sentimental reasons but a lot had to go.


Refolded and organized the fabric stacks. Filed the stamp collection in two magazine holders. Made better room for the pressed flowers. What am I ever going to do with them? Decided the books could go in the book case after all after some minor rearranging and found more appropriate spots for the craft projects, some in the garage, some in the trash.

I also came to the conclusion that the large sized papers where needed more often upstairs. Where upstairs? Hmmm, don’t know just yet. At the moment they are in an annoying pile but I have an Idea that I’ll try out soon. It involves a bit of wood work and possibly a little bit of wall papering so it’ll have to wait until the weekend. I’ll keep you posted on it. Promise.