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Chez Larsson



I was tagged last night by fellow Swedish blogger Kicki of I Veras Hus.

I’m passing on the tag to Suzanne of S.Hoptalk, Laure of At Home At Home, Joanna of A cup of Jo , Yvonne of Moline and Linda of Lindzis Blogg.

Here are my answers:

What time did you get up today? Today was early, I was up at 5.05.

Diamonds or pearls? Love pearls. Never wear mine, but love them nevertheless.

Latest movie in a movie theater? National Treasure – Book of Secrets

Favourite TV series? Criminal Minds, Friends reruns & Muthbusters. Gotta love Jamie and Adam.

♥ What did you have for breakfast? Cup of Earl Grey tea, two carrot bread sandwiches with cheese.

♥ What’s your middle name? Uhum… I’ve got two…Tina and Irmeli…

♥ Favourite food? Pasta.

♥ Which food don’t you like? Cauliflower, pork, ärtsoppa -traditional Swedish yellow pea soup.

♥ What’s your favourite CD at the moment? I don’t listen to music… I have some Simon and Garfunkel’s on an MP3 player in a bag somewhere though.

♥ What car do you drive? None, I ride my bike or go by bus or subway. I have a drivers licence, but no sense of direction whatsoever. Got lost so much so I stopped driving altogether.

♥ Favourite sandwich? Peanutbutter. I’m no foodie.

♥ Which human traits can’t you stand? Being rude and not being on time.

♥ What are your favourite clothes? Jeans and polo shirt.

♥ If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? I’d love to drive (be driven…) down the east coast of the United States.

♥ Favourite clothing brand? On me, no particular brand but I love the look of Michael Kors.

♥ Where would you like to retire? Half of the year at home and half somewhere warmer. Perhaps south of France…

Favourite time of day? When I get off work and get to go home.

♥ Where were you born? In Kokkola in Finland.

♥ Which is your favourite sport to watch? Athletics. 

♥ Coke or Pepsi? Pepsi Max.

♥ Soccer or hockey? Neither, both bore me.

♥ Are you a morning person or a night owl? Morning person, but lately I’ve stayed up to late to be able to appreciate the mornings.

♥ Pedicure or manicure? Pedi.

♥ Any exciting news to share? Chez Larsson was ranked 10 on Swedish home and garden blogs yesterday 🙂

♥ What did you want to become as a child? A flight attendant. Until I realized I could use my language skills in other areas than serving coffee.

♥ Best childhood memory? Mom’s silvery, glittery Christmas trees and everything underneath.

♥ Ever been to Africa? Yes,to Egypt a few years ago.

♥ Ever rolled anybody in toilet paper? Well almost, Martin dressed as a mummy one Halloween… we used fabric but it might’ve been easier with toilet paper. Unless it rained.

♥ Have you ever been in a car accident? I got rammed once but it wasn’t serious. Freaked me out though!

♥ Favourite day of the week? Friday after work and Saturday morning.

♥ Favourite flower? Any in white.

♥ Favourite – Hot dog or Chinese food? I’m not a huge fan of either. I do eat more hot dogs than Chinese dishes though.

♥ Do you own a bike? Yep. A black Kronan, no gears, with large wicker basket at the front. Ride it to work back and forth almost every day. 8+8 km (she says proudly).

♥ Who was you latest e-mail from? Have to check. Hold on a sec… boring work related from a Chinese supplier.

Where would you like to shop more if you could afford to? I’d love to go wild in a Kate Spade shop.

Bed time? I try to be in bed by 11 pm on week days. Don’t always succeed though.

Latest person to share dinner with? Wille and I had dinner last night.

What are you up to now? I’ll try to find an appropriate photo for this post and then start working.

Favourite color? White and green.

How many tattoos? On me, none. On Martin an anchor on his leg which he got when he was a seaman many many moons ago in the mid/late 70’s.

Ha, there you have me. In a nut shell!