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Chez Larsson

Swedish country style


As promised I’ll show you some photos of the house we stayed in on our little vacation. It’s a typical house for the area, Småland, and it was built around 1925 with some of its features recycled from a 17th century local mill.


There is still no running water indoors, only a tap in the back yard and a privvy further back.


Most of the rooms have their original decor in terms of wall paper and there are little wood burning stoves in every room.

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Our friend’s whose summer house this is are avid collectors and their auction and flea market finds are displayed around the house. Above is the little through room off the kitchen.


We did some work in the kitchen during our stay. The cushions were one of last summer’s projects though. I may have some before and after’s for you later on after my friend Sanna and I coordinate our photos. I took some with my camera and she some with her.


The kitchen needs repainting but I love the color it’s in so I’m hoping it will be repainted in the same or a similar color. Maybe I can even help out painting next year?


This is the upstairs hallway which is in the process of being turned into a 50’s music/reading nook.


The original dark wall paper in one of the bedrooms has been brightened by Brigitte Bardot and more local models on the covers of Swedish vintage magazines.


Dinner in at the tiny kitchen table. Seven of us squishing down for a barbecue feast, excellent wine and great company. Thank you WMG family! Wille and I’d love to come back next year 🙂