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Chez Larsson

A bit more color


I added a bit more color in my sewing nook. Nothing wild but because I’m having a visitor there tomorrow it just looked too hospital-y. Tell you more about the visitor later.


I told you before that our basement isn’t a dungeon (although it was in a pretty bad when we moved in). There is a little mini-dungeon down there though. It’s where our water pipes meet the city’s. When we moved in it was covered in a rusty lid and topped with a pile of damp carpets. We cleaned it up and left it open ever since as it was hidden under a basket on wheels. This way it was still open and aired but not visible. As I changed things around there it suddenly became visible again and very much so.


Here’s our solution to the problem. A simple piece of MDF drilled with lots of holes.  Martin measured and drew a grid, drilled at each intersection and then I sanded, primed and painted.


Dungeon disappeared!