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Scritch Scratch

Thank you all so much for all the good wishes after yesterdays post. I'm still excited and very smiley 🙂 Earlier today I went through comments and questions which you have asked since I started blogging in May to make sure I've answered them and I came across this one which I realise I hadn't.

It's about finding a good scratching/clawing device for cats. The reason I haven't really answered it is because…


… Mini and Bonus are pretty good cats. They don't claw or scratch at our furniture (that much).


Bonus actually prefers clawing at the oak tree just outside our house…


…while Mini sometimes does claw at the store bought corner scratch post which we wedged between the window sill and floor.

Mini is actually more of a floor scratcher although we got her to scratch the post for this photo.  She likes to claw at the few carpets in our home like the sisal ones by the front and back doors.  In this photo there's a bath towel covering the sisal carpet at the back door because it helps keep the living room cleaner when Mini and Bonus jump in from the kitty flap in that door.

When occasionally there are claw marks on the furniture Mini is usually the culprit… A very cute culprit though so we usually just go "oh, now Mini, why did you do that you cute, pretty and very naughty cat?" In very soft sweet voices… Hmmm. Not very efficient. I so wonder why.



  • Heather says:

    thanks for this! i only wish my cat was as well-behaved as yours! I had to start clipping my cat’s nails so she wouldn’t put (more) holes in our leather sofa.
    I have a question, though, that has been plaguing me forever. You have such a gorgeous, clean, WHITE house. You also have two black/brown cats. How do you keep cat hair from getting everywhere? It seems that as soon as I clean up, there is dog & cat hair on everything again. 🙁

  • GLENDA says:

    Yes how do you keep everything so clean of cat hair? But then perhaps my problem is that I live with six beautiful cats! I work slightly less than full time and think more people should do this. Gives more time for personal projects while still allowing bills to be paid. So happy for your new arrangement and I just know you are the type of person who will take to this very well!!

  • rachel says:

    In my experience, it really doesn’t matter what sort of voice we use to ask a cat why it scratches the furniture. Cats can ignore us in a dozen different ways!

  • rachel says:

    In my experience, it really doesn’t matter what sort of voice we use to ask a cat why it scratches the furniture. Cats can ignore us in a dozen different ways!

  • ratita says:

    Mini and Bonus are the best! love those little guys!

  • magnum says:

    WOW what a photography, the pet cat looks great.

  • Benita says:

    Heather and GLENDA, I clean once a week and spot clean in between. You can read more about my cleaning routine in this earlier post 🙂

  • Pearl says:

    My cat Jack has no claws. He was a stray that I “acquired” (read: he moved in with me on his own power!), and one of the nice things about getting him was that he cannot scratch the furniture unlike previous kitties. However, he does love to scratch his paws anyway, which I think has to do with the pads. Your post made me laugh, because he likes to do the same: trees, carpet, wicker furniture… the good thing is he cannot ruin anything, so all he gets are the same kind of mild comments.

  • Benita says:

    Pearl, Jack sounds wonderful 🙂 How sweet of him to let you be his room mate.

  • Peter says:

    My cat, Eudora, does not scratch on my furniture at all. She likes to scratch on cardboard shipping boxes I get in the mail. I keep one handy for her. It’s not all that attractive but, it’s her home too ; )

  • jodie says:

    My two boys love to scratch at our sofas and we have just bought two new lovely sofas and are working furiously to stop them from ruining these ones. Can you tell me who makes the corner scratching post, it looks great (neutral colour and hidden away). I click on the link but it wasn’t in english so I couldn’t work it out for myself!
    Thanks in advance for your help!