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Chez Larsson

Jet lagged


I didn't post yesterday because I was traveling back home from China via Bangkok. I arrived today at six in the morning and now at ten past seven in the evening I'm dead tired.


I find that staying up and being active during the day without a nap helps relieve jetlag so after I arrived and before Martin went to work (making a grand entrance in his new sports jacket!) and while Wille was still asleep I started cleaning the entire house and loaded the first of three loads of laundry. Later before lunch I raked leaves in the back garden and in the afternoon I finished the book proposal query I'm sending off to the publishers tomorrow (!!!).


Now as I sat down to post I can't think clearly so I'll just say it feels so great to be back home again and I'll see you tomorrow after a good nights sleep in a bed as opposed to the airline seat last night.


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