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Chez Larsson

Good Mail Day


Monday was good mail day! Look what was in my mail box! No, not the cup of tea, but that was kind of nice too as this was snowy day.



Lindzi wrote a post on her blog last week and showed five cards dedicated to five scrappers and bloggers and we got to guess who they were for. I did like #2 the best but not in my wildest imagination expected it to be for me. But it was! And here it is! Beautifully made and the colors do match what's going on in our house perfectly. Thank you so much, Lindzi!


In a large padded envelope (love it when those arrive…) I got a super nice surprise from Angie over in Australia. The Real Living Christmas Special! Yay! Double yay! That girl really knows how to make my day too! Thank you, thank you, thank you !