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Chez Larsson

Holiday Table Setting


Setting the table

I hope you all had a great Christmas Eve or Day depending on which one you celebrated. For those of you who didn't celebrate at all, I hope you had a nice couple of days all the same. 


This year for the first year, Martin, Wille, Mini and Bonus and I celebrated by ourselves. My mom who isn't into Christmas much decided to stay in the south of Sweden and Martin and Wille will be going to see my mother in law tomorrow and stay there for a few days.


Our Christmas Eve was really nice. A mini Christmas dinner spread of salmon, pickled herring, some cheese and not much more than that. After that loads of gifts for Wille and a couple for Martin and myself. Perfect!

Yesterday was spent in front of the TV, computer and in the basement where I'm prepping the boatroom for new wallpaper and paint.

See you tomorrow!