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Jarring facts


I'm a huge believer in repurposing containers as you have probably all understood by now.

Like I've said before I'm one of those people who chooses food stuffs based on if the box looks nice or if the container is good looking. I get kicks out of clear or milky white with white lids, no print. If I find a good one I'll buy what ever comes with it until I have a good set.

A while ago I was asked if I also keep glass jars. Yes! But again, not every jar, just the nice looking ones. I like Nutella (The jar that is. Well actually I like the Nutella itself too…) with it's white lid, bit upset with the still visible logo on top but I've decided I can live with it. I like the skinny jars which come with olives too, and any jars with glass lids and all mason jars.


Jars with printed lids don't make it into the basement pantry but I do like the occasional solid colored one. I always remove the labels right away, I can't stand storing them with the labels still on. Most of the time they come off when soaking them in water and sometimes I use a glue remover to get the  glue residue off. I got a tip in a comment on another post about using the heat of a hairdryer to help peel off the labels. Haven't had a chance to try that method yet, but it sounds great.


So what are the jars (and bottles) used for? Most of the jars I reuse as jam jars. We have one plum tree, one gooseberry bush and a couple of currant bushes in the garden. I've made jam every year since we moved in and by now I know how many jars are needed over the jamming season so that's the amount of jars I keep and store. I keep only a couple or so of nice looking bottles. I'm thinking maybe we'll do our own vinegar one day and if then we'll have the bottles for it.

So, did you guys have a nice weekend? Martin and Wille were away snowboarding (schools are out this week) and on Saturday I had a visit by a photographer and stylist who are putting together an article about our home for a magazine. Very talented people and it was really fun seeing their take on the rooms I've shot so many times myself. Can't wait to see it in print. Can definitely wait to see the photo they took of me though. Yikes. I'm so extremely uncomfortable in front of the camera. Are you ok with having your photo taken? I so need to learn…


  • Ksenia in Canada says:

    I’ve been buying the Classico brand of spaghetti sauce for years in order to collect the mason jars that they come in. I have a huge set now! I keep all my dry food in them (beans, rice, etc.) and I store it in the pull-out pantry in my tiny kitchen. The neat thing about mason jars is that, if you want to, you can buy plain white plastic storage lids for them instead of the standard 2-part metal canning lids. All other jars go straight into recycling.

  • Anna @ D16 says:

    Oh, it’s SO easy to spray-paint the lids for jars! Then they can all match. 🙂 Just use an enamel made for metal and you’ll be fine.
    I am fine taking my own photo, but I HATE having my picture taken by others. So uncomfortable…

  • Lesley says:

    i hate having my picture taken !
    love the jars idea must buy more and more nutella just for this purpose 😀

  • curiosity killed he cat says:

    i just recently started saving jars to keep pantry items in. i live in the south (atlanta) and with the humidity things get soggy fast. i also love the uniform look and being able to see what’s in each jar – contents, amount, etc. but like you, i prefer my lids plain. i remember a few years ago something in martha stewart living about someone who collected tin boxes and stripped them. i wonder if anyone thinks this would be a viable process for the lids? or should i just try painting them as Ana suggests?
    anyone have any suggestions? thanks!

  • Jacqueline says:

    Hi Benita,
    If you get the apricot jam from Keiller & Sons(Dundee) it comes in an all white opaque glass jar. The lid is mostly white with just the name in black. The white and black is good looking. But cannot see into the jars.
    Do you have these in your shops and if so what do you think of those jars?
    When I look at pictures of myself I feel like I don’t even know who that person is 😉

  • M. Maxwell says:

    I recognized the Nutella jars right off the back. My personal favorites are the Bonne Maman jam jars. We use them as glasses (drives my mother mad!) and for canning.
    I look forward to a photo of your plums once they are “jarred!”

  • Aby says:

    So funny all the things you share and I think “Yep, I do that / think that, too!” I don’t like having my photo taken either and I have a little collection of jars and I make many purchase decisions on the basis of packaging.
    So fun to read your blog.

  • Penny says:

    We must have the same jar saving gene! Some of my friends think I’m a little obsessive to save them, so I’m glad someone else does to! When I fill them with whatever, marshmallows lets say, I make a little round cut out in photoshop with a cute design on it and glue to the lid to cover the writing.

  • carol k says:

    This looks so pretty and appealing. Love the skinnier jars with the glass lid with the little glass ball on top.
    I have a product for label (glue) removal called “Goo Gone”. It works when all else fails.
    Can’t wait to see what the photo shoot looks like!
    I hate being photographed. I agree with Jacqueline.I never think it looks like me.

  • Thessa says:

    I’ve been saving glass jars since ever! I use them to keep any kind of food from beans to dog biscuits!
    About pictures… only a genius of photography would, probably, make me feel comfortable in front of a camera.

  • Patia says:

    Ooh, what magazine? Maybe you can’t say. Exciting!
    I too collect Classico and other Mason and Ball jars. Someday I will either strip the lids or paint them. I’ve also seen a really neat lid treatment using Fimo.
    If anyone’s interested, there’s a fun Jars group on Flickr:

  • Linda says:

    My parents have re-purposed jars in their pantry. All the lids were painted blue many years ago. This helps to unify the look. They have held up very well over the 35+ years.
    I’m sure your photo will be fine. Have you ever looked at a photo of a home owner in a magazine and thought ‘man, that person is ugly!’.

  • Helen X. says:

    I love clear pretty jars too!
    Btw, I’m also extremely uncomfortable in front of a camera. But, I have my “good” pose, which I use every time. Just turn your face 20 degree left/right so you don’t directly face the camera, and smile when the photographer is out to take the picture (don’t do it way before or you will look “stiff”).
    Anyway, can’t wait to see the photos! =)

  • Thanks for the jar tips!
    Thanks also for the picture taking encouragement and advice. Practicing…20 degrees, smile! 20 degrees, smile!

  • Noelia says:

    Hi Benita!
    I wonder how do you solve the problem with ugly shampoo packaging? Do you have any solution for this? I have so the same tastes and way of thinking you do…maybe we should start a club !!
    By the way..a few posts ago i asked you for advice on your vacuum cleaner..the vertical one…your answer helped a lot and i found a more powerful one (brand: Smeg)…not so stylish but is small and can keep it anywere at home and use it every single day! This is the link:
    I don´t know if this is available in Europe..maybe it is an old model and that is why we have it in Argentina.. 😀

  • Noelia, I think it looks really cool!

  • Noelia, sorry I was too quick… I’ll make a note to post a photo of my shampoos etc!

  • Catherine says:

    Hm, I tried the hair dryer once to get price labels off some ceramic spoons. It didn’t work at all! Turns out the best thing for me was to soak in water. I love those tall jars you have!

  • Petra from the Netherlands says:

    You definitely have room for all those jars! I wouldn’t know where to put them…
    I read about these lids in a magazine the other night, and immediately thought of you, even before reading this last update on your blog:
    you might also like:

  • jja says:

    “keep only a couple or so of nice looking bottles. I’m thinking maybe we’ll do our own vinegar one day and if then we’ll have the bottles for it.”
    I keep them for oil, any put there bought oil from some plastic package or not so nice brown bottle. I wanted to ask, in posting Fridge Friday I see some (juuice?) container with pipe?! Where did you buy this? Thank you!

  • jja, do you mean the big one to the side? I got that Kmart (Martha Stewart) in the US years ago. I love it but have sadly never seem a similar one over here in Europe

  • Franziska says:

    thanks for sharing. My mother always uses glass jars to store things. And we always drank out of mustard glasses. Today I use plastic containers (one bought at ICA), many from Tupperware. But also ice cream boxes (
    Photos: I learned because of a sad occasion that photos of me need to be taken as a memory. Believe me…

  • Brandy says:

    I’m another Classico fan, with lots of their jars. I agree with Anna about painting the lids, but I personally don’t like spray paint. Too messy and stinky.
    Years ago, I bought a bunch of specimen jars from’s Science catalog. All with black lids. I’ve used them in a 100 different ways. After awhile, I began collecting food jars that were good shapes and sizes. I’ve got a small can of black rustoleum paint and cheap, cheap little foam brushes. When I get a new “batch” of jars in, I paint the lids black.
    I love the uniformity in the lids – ties ’em all together.

  • jja says:

    Yes, that is what I meant. Pitty we don’t have something like this here.

  • Really impressive collection you have 🙂

  • Marlena says:

    Another thing you can do with your jars is to infuse olive oil. An Italian friend puts chili pepper is her olive oil to make spicy olive oil, it also looks very attractive.