Fashion is everywhere

Chez Larsson



Petra from the Netherlands asked the yesterday if the container with the dish washing brush & co is a flower pot. It is and it's perfect because of the drainage hole! Petra wondered if there are other items around our house too which are not used in the way they were intended. I'd have to say lots!

There are two ways I do this 1) I'm constantly looking at things to see what other great use they might have than the intended. As Grant of Mythbusters would say "It's a sport!" 2) If I need something (usually for organizing) I look around my house to see if anything I have can be re-purposed to my needs.

To answer Petra's question in more detail here's the current list of re-purposed items:

  • Flower pot to hold dish washing paraphernalia and for draining cutlery


  • Flower pot to hold kitchen utensils 
  • Zinc vase as waste paper basket in hallway, top photo


  • Zinc vase as trash can in downstairs bathroom

 Pysselhörna (4)

  • Cup to hold pencils  in craft area

002 (5) 

  • Vintage jars to hold pencils on Wille's desk


  • Meccano building set as lamp base.

    Hall (15)

  • Candlestick as another lamp base

Hall (2)

  • Door built into a window seat

  • Bread basket as catch all in seating area

Hall nere (9) 

  • Hand rail finials as bases of book case columns


  • Tea towels turned into pillow covers

  • Handkerchiefs turned into pillow cases

And then there's of course the ice cream and candy containers for just about anything, the cookie tins as first aid kits, vintage refrigerator ware as catch all in the hallway, Ferrero Rocher boxes as podiums and storage in Wille's room and a whole lot more, but you get the idea.