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Chez Larsson

A Simple Window Treatment


The windows in our house are not very consistent. Some are opened outwards and some inwards. I guess it has to do with what type of panes the windows had originally. Both our stained glass windows are  opened inwards so I guess the hallway window above which is the only other window in our house that opens inwards used to have stained glass but was switched to regular glass at some point. The inward bit make it tricky when considering window treatments as the window hardware is flush with the wall.

I don't want big curtains or even a blind  but I do want something there so the window doesn't look like a black hole at night. After my window cleaner guy came last Friday (Yay!) and the windows are now sparkling I decided to sew a fresh little linen curtain to replace the old one.


I love the simplicity of this treatment. It's just a curtain wire with hooks and eye hooks screwn into the window frame. You want a little tension here so the wire doesn't sag after adding the fabric so cut it shorter than the length you want and stretch to reach the hook at the other end.


The curtain itself is just a pre-washed piece of white linen fabric hemmed on the sides and at the bottom and with a channel for the wire to run through at the top. I like.