Fashion is everywhere

Chez Larsson

Safety First


Are you safe in your kitchen? We are. Can you see that white oil cloth thing hanging next to the tea towel? Wonder what it is?


Correct answer: A fire blanket! Do you have one? If not I suggest you get one. Ours hangs right next to the stove and in case something starts burning there we just pull on the black straps and out comes the blanket itself which is the placed over the flames to suffocate them.


If (God forbid) a person is on fire the blanket is placed over the person and starting from the head, the flames are pushed away from the head and downwards as the flames are being extinguished.


I do understand that in a public place it's necessary to keep the original red bag for the blanket but I made a white bag for mine using the original bag as a template and cutting out the instructions and sewing them on. And as on the original bag there's a small piece of velcro holding the blanket inside but which easily tears open when the straps are pulled. 

I've instructed both Martin and Wille on the wherabouts of the blanket and explained how to use it. I got the idea to make my own bag from these guys who designed these. I like that we are safe and stylishly so. Now I want to get my hands on one of these instead of the big red one we have…