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Chez Larsson

Happy Friday!


Happy Friday! Today is my work-at-home day and as soon as I'm done posting I'll vacuum the entire house (did the cleaning last night after work) and then I'll sit down and get on with the revised book proposal.

120 kop 

Today I welcome you inside of my everyday dishes cabinets in the kitchen.

Our kitchen cabinets are from the 50's and I like that they go all the way to the ceiling. I can't really reach very well to the top shelf so I mainly put things with handles (which I can just reach on my tippy toes) and less often used items or things Martin uses and which he can reach.


We stick to mainly white dishes for three reasons; I like white (I think Martin could do with more color sometimes…), it's easy to add new items that match (ours are from a lot of different places) and food simply looks best on white.

123 tilt

Not a lot in there? The rest of the dishes are kept in the cabinet in the dining area and I have my weeding sessions on a regular basis to get rid of unused items which we bring to our local Red Cross charity shop. I love that I can see what I have at a glance and it's so easy to keep up once it's well organized to start with.


On the top shelf are a couple of travel souvenirs. Milk bottles from Hong Kong which I use for serving milk for coffee when we have company and Wille's must have Starbuck's mug from NYC. The Coke bottles are in there because Wille thinks Coke tastes so much better from them than out of a can or plastic bottle and Martin and he occasionally decant PET coke into them and have a tasting session 🙂

Happy Friday! Can't say it often enough.

Oooh, almost forgot! Hot tip! If you need a bit of organizing assistance, Aby's online Organizing 101 workshop starts on Tuesday! To me organizing comes naturally and I love, love, love it but if you need help to get started and to start loving it  Aby is definitely the person who can help and she's a sweetie too!