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Chez Larsson

Wallpapering a Drawer


Did you have a good weekend? I sure did. I accomplished so much AND had time to sit in the sun too!

One of the little things I did was to paper Wille's desk drawer. When we built the desk I put down a piece of wrapping paper in there with double stick tape but because of the raw MDF drawer bottom the tape refused to stick to it so I decided to use some left over wall paper and actually stick it down with wall paper paste.


I started out by cutting the pieces. I had to do a bit of patching because the pieces I had left over weren't big enough.


I then brushed on a coat of wall paper paste first without any paper, to seal the MDF. Once it was dry I then put down a second coat and the wall paper pieces.


So easy and effective, love the finished result.


I also love the way the colors in the wall paper work with Wille's Eames shell chair. Details, details people!

Oh, if you are wondering what those bent hair clips and paper clips in the little take out container are for, they are Wille's tool kit. He's attempting to pick locks…