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Chez Larsson


024 (2) 

Don't know the kitchen paper roll status in your countries but here in Sweden there's a strong type of paper that you start at the center of the roll instead of on the outside. There are dispensers you can buy for these rolls but ours has just been sitting in the broom cupboard dispenser-less.

We've had two of these IKEA plastic bag dispensers on the inside of the broom cabinet door but in our attempt to use less plastic bags for the sake of the environment we had a spare dispenser.

010 (3) 

Martin cut this template and traced around it on the underside of the dispenser and with the unmounted dispenser laying flat cut out the shape with a utility knife.

020 (2) 

Plonk the rolls (two rolls fit in there perfectly on top of each other, with one waiting in line to drop down when the first one is all gone) inside…

021 (2) 

… and pull to tear the paper off. Perfect. Ike….. aaaaah!