Fashion is everywhere

Chez Larsson



When I wrote my Today post a little over a month ago I said I'd try to remember to do one again soon. So here it is.


Outside my window… grey skies and fall weather feeling. And it's still only July!

I am thinking… about starting up my Etsy shop again.

I am thankful for… finding a new hairdresser who cut my hair shorter than in a long time.

From the kitchen… not much. I'm home alone.

I am wearing… black polo shirt, jeans and black mary-janes.

I am creating… some prints (for my Etsy shop?).

I am going… to paint some frames white. Bought a can of white spray paint yesterday during my lunch hour only to discover on arriving home that I'd accidentally grabbed a silver one instead. Yes, I started spraying. No, my frames will not be silver. Yes, I'm going back to the store today at lunch. Yes, I will look closely at the lid this time. Yes, this has happened before. Yes, I wish it would SAY White on the front of the can and not just lid color = paint color in minuscule print on the back.

I'm reading… Home Comforts by Cheryl Mendelson and a German crime novel (in Swedish).

I am hoping… I'll have the energy to ride my bike to work tomorrow. As I woke up this morning I couldn't face pedaling the 8 km so I took the bus…

I am hearing Master Chef Goes Large on BBC in the background. Don't know why I like that show so much. It's about food and cooking and I'm into none of that!

Around the house… it's kind of in an in between stage. I removed some pillows which led to removing some art which led to removing some other things so it's a little bit bare at the mo.

One of my favorite things… the smell of the roses from my garden.

A few plans for the rest of the week… try the new cushion on the bench in the hallway after having washed it multiple times so it won't look so new, ship some Ebay items I've sold , paint some more windows, figure out what to do with our gooseberries (ideas are welcome!) and unfortunately I have to go to work too.

A picture to share…