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Chez Larsson


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As you can imagine I've been punching a hole or two this weekend. Thank you so much for all the orders! I didn't expect that many, but I'm super happy!

Besides from the holes all three of us have been busy in our garage workshop.


In the 20+ years Martin and I have known each other we have never ever had a "real" coffee table of the knee high variety. For some reason or other we have always had taller ones. One was given to us by a cousin or Martin's, another one was in the storage room of an apartment of ours when we moved in and our current one was left here in our house by the previous owners.



I've liked all three of them but I've lately been wondering what it would be like to have a lower table. Martin was skeptical at first but said he would consider it if all three of us could agree on a design. (Perhaps hoping we wouldn't be able to?!) I myself would happily have gone into a store and bought one off the rack but that's a no go in this household. Martin will not accept anything store bought unless it's from a second hand store and the likelihood that we would find something perfect second hand was slim.


So we all racked our brains and had a zillion ideas of what we wanted, printed photos from the internet and doodled ourselves. We decided we needed a somewhat rounded shape to break up the squareness of the rest of the furnishings, we wanted some storage for magazines, remotes and other in-front-of-TV clutter. We decided we wanted wheels and that Mini an Bonus would have a little cosy nook. Sounds like a big wish list, huh? Well, it's all there! Still some finishing touches to be added. Like paint. But hopefully I'll be able to show you the end result sometime later this week.


Yay, Mini's stitches and cone are coming off today. One happy kitty to be. Check!