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Sprucing up a File Folder (or Two) aka Wall Paper Project #3

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I'm in the process of clearing out my craft corner. I've been purging ribbons, stickers, gift bags etc. Although I'm quite particular about the stuff I have and use when gift wrapping etc I realise that some of it will never be used so it may as well go.

As I was clearing the corner out and updating it with some new art (will show you in a later post) I took the opportunity to start using the perspex file thingy I found in the trash at work. It's got sort of a 70's Guzzini vibe to it but I love it because it's clear and a really good size. It was broken in one spot but nothing a bit of Super Attak glue couldn't fix.


The only file folders I had at home were some left over hanging files from IKEA. Not pretty.


Because I'm not using them hanging I pulled out the metal hanger and snipped off the ends on both sides. I kept the rest inside for stability.


I used wall-paper scraps for the covers and used spray adhesive to attach it to the folders.


Because the wall-paper tends to curl I folded over the roughly cut pieces and used paper clips to hold them in place while spraying outside.


After the wall-paper was attached I used a craft knife to cut off the excess.


I left the dark grey border on top because on the back are notches where clear tabs can be attached if I decide to do so later on. The wall-papers I use are Wild Flower in green by Ferm Living, Dotted Ovals in Yellow by Neisha Crosland and Dots in turquoise by Jane Churchill.


Here they are in all their glory. I really like the way they turned out, Super practical, papers are on hand but still hidden away. Oh, I cheated a bit. They are not all covered, behind a nice covered one there is one or two still grey but turned backward so the office-y print and IKEA logo aren't visible when taken out.