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Chez Larsson

Kitty Bean Bag #1

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After my post about the cat cabin I got a question regarding what kind of cushion if any there was inside. There is indeed a cushion. We tried to figure out what kind of cushion we could put in there since it’s outside and could potentially get wet.


We decided to make sort of a bean bag. I got this huge bag from the craft store with enough “beans” for a human bag. We figured because the beans are polystyrene they wouldn’t get moist the way other fillers might


To make the bag for the beans I used a thick plastic bag. I filled it and tested along the way to determine how much I needed to fill it with so it would be nice and cushy  and not stiff and solid feeling. You need far less than you think actually. I noticed that filling it about half way was right. I used wide packing tape to close the opening at he back.


Here’s the view inside. The cushion is almost 2 1/2″ (7.5 cm) thick so it should insulate pretty well



I made a simple cover from scrap fleece fabric in the shape of a bag with the ends simply tucked under. I figured fleece would be good because it’s a synthetic and fleece sort of repels water.

So far so good, because the opening to the cabin is sort of a tunnel we haven’t had any leakage even though it has rained pretty hard. Also the roof lifts off so the cushion can easily be removed and dried off or changed if needed

As you can see above, Bonus approves.