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Chez Larsson

Brainstorm #7


Time for another Brainstorm. This one's for Ibabe from Spain. She wants some ideas for her wooden cigar boxes.

Our friends Sanna and Sebastian came over on Halloween (a tradition with pumpkin soup and the works) and I immediately put them to work on providing some ideas for upcoming brainstorms including this one. Sorry. Thank you!

So here are our suggestions. They can be used with the boxes stripped from labels or as is:


By covering the box with paper and mocking a book cover it could be placed in a bookcase holding hidden jewelry for safe keeping.


To store cigars… (yes, we did have some wine on Halloween).


 I could use some in Wille's room for sticker collections etc.


One could be placed in a high traffic area and used to corral clutter. Lid on and it's gone!


Love this idea by Sanna; A surprise After & Before frame. Current photo (of son, daughter, boat, home, kitty etc) goes on cigar box lid and inside goes a before one.


By cutting holes in the lids and gluing pieces of perspex at the back of the lids the boxes can be turned in to deep edge shadow frames.


How about using one as a key cabinet?


I'd use one as  pencil case.


My favorite idea is to make them into memory boxes from trips and travels. A few photos, the theater tickets, a couple of candy wrappers, the match box from that great restaurant, a map, the subway stubs etc.

So there are our ideas. Lets here some more from you guys!