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Elbow Patches

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Remember elbow patches? My dad used to have them in brown leather on his beige wooly cardigans. As you can see I desperately needed some. See, this is my most comfy hoodie ever and I refuse to get rid of it. It's what I wear after a shower and I love it. It's the perfect fitted size and so, so soft. Like a second skin. With bruises in it's current state.


Enter the Vlisofix (Bondaweb in the UK and Wonder Under in the US are similar as far as I can see). It's sort of a glue sheet that bonds fabrics together. I've never tried it before but bought some quite a while ago for a pillow project that has yet to happen. Lost the instructions but Mr Google was eager to help and together we figured it out.

I just wanted simple oval patches so I drew half of a patch free hand on a folded sheet of the Vlisofix. I then folded it over once more and thus was able to cut out two identical even patches.



I used scraps of Martin's cut up shirt for the patches. I was a bit worried that because the shirt material isn't stretchy that the sleeves would feel tight so I laid the patch on the bias where the fabric is stretchier. Don't know if it helped after it'd been bonded but it was worth testing.

The next step was to adhere the cut out Vlisofix patches to the fabric and you do that by ironing. I couldn't find info on temperature so I went for a hot iron. At this point the coarser side of the Vlisofix went against the wrong side of the fabric.

010 009

I cut slightly inside of my original cut to be sure the bond would be perfect without any unbonded edges possibly fraying.



After the patches have bonded and been cut out, the protective paper is peeled off and then the patch is turned over and onto the hoodie sleeve. Again ironing on hot and leave to cool.

I love it! wore it after my shower this morning and it was perfect. I'm not sure how the patches will react to being washed but I will soon find out I guess. If there is fraying I can always open the seam of the sleeve and run a zig zag stitch around the edges. We'll see. For now though, patch love.