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In my Bag

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So that little Ask Anything session on Friday was fun!

I was among other things asked to reveal the contents of my bag or purse which was kind of difficult to do then and there so what better way to start Monday with what's in my bag. Yes it is a bag and not a purse. I don't own a purse in the same way I don't own a dress or a skirt. I'm just not a girly girl but you know that by now.

In my bag

Here goes:

#1 Business cards in holders, big for work and moo for blog.

#2 Gum and lip balm. For some reason I have two in there and neither is my fave.

#3 Make up bag without make up. It contains head ache pills, tampons, hand cream etc. Oh, and some tissues on top.

#4 Leaflets on the upcoming royal wedding products, picked up at the Formex fair.

#5 Calendar.

#6 Sunglasses and umbrella. What can I say, I'm prepared. Should have been a scout.

#7 Scribbles on sticky back notes, invitation and badge for Formex fair. Got tossed after the photo was taken.

#8 Crossword puzzles and pencil.

#9 Schedule for today's events away from office, map on how to get there, note book and memory stick.

#10 Wallet, home keys, office key pass and never used ear phones for cell phone.

It wasn't that exciting was it?! So anything more exciting in your bag than in mine?