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Chez Larsson

Our Family Calendar


 OMG! I apologize for the extra grainy photo above. I blame it on how it's constantly dark over here. When I get up and go to work and when I get home after work. I had planned to take a photo on the weekend but I forgot. Well well. I think you can see it's a calendar on the side of the home office unit and it's what this post is about.

I'm just realizing I've been forgetful twice in this post so far. I'm getting old and tired :). I had (again) planned to post about this at the end of last year or very early this year, like a couple of weeks ago but it slipped my mind completely and here I am Jan 28th showing you our custom family calendar. Bear with me or come back tomorrow for fresher content.

Kalender 001 
I'm really picky when it comes to calendars. I want a family calendar with a column each for the three of us but most calendar manufacturers seem to assume that there are five to a family. Mini and Bonus are active family members of course but somehow I can't see my filling in "eat tuna" and "catch mice" on there. Also I don't want any fuss on my calendar, just the dates in black on white. Why do most family calendars look like someone went mad with crayons on them?

Anyhoo, the simplest calendar I could find that was tall and narrow as opposed to wide and stumped was a calendar with just lines, no columns. I'll draw the lines myself she muttered in the fifth bookstore.

Kalender 005 
 Armed with a long ruler and a black pen I set to work during my lunch hour at work (hence the beech desktop) and drew vertical lines, 36 of them in all, and hey presto our own custom calendar for a family of three + two illliterate. 


Stickers at the top to mark each of our columns. 28 days later and it works perfectly!