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Chrystelle’s Craft Closet & Open Storage After!

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Chrystelle's Craft Room work in progress 001

Chrystelle's sewing craft room 006


OMG! Check out what a good pupil Chrystelle is! Can you believe it's the same space as before? She went way beyond my wildest expectations purging and organizing. It looks so pretty!!! Yay!

Chrystelle's sewing craft room 013
Next project is the built in closet. This is how it started out. Tubs and boxes filled with craft supplies and a few little things hanging from the rod. Not the best use of anotherwise great space.

Send to Benita Larsson lot 2 002
Progress with the closet mostly cleared out. Here Chrystelle uses it as a sewing nook which is a great idea but I think that if she can get the work top by the window built she'll have better working environment there and can use this space for storage again but better organized so she won't have to lift all the tubs to reach the bottom ones.

I suggest either removing the rod and add more shelves in there. This can be done with an Elfa hanging system. It's great because you only need to screw the top track into the wall and the rest, like standards, brackets and shelves hang straight off it.

Large tubs can go on the floor and smaller tubs, boxes and stacks on the shelves.

Another option is to keep the rod and and hang several hanging closet organizers off it. This will keep craft supplies like yarn etc sorted in separate cubbies but the construction will obviously not be as sturdy as shelves. You could also place a plastic tub in each cubby and it would be like a hanging drawer unit.

Those are my suggestions. So do you think Chrystelle should use the closet for storage again or did she do the right thing when turning it into a sewing nook? I'm just worried that without this storage area (which can be hidden behind the curtain) there won't be enough space to store all Chrystelle's supplies elsewhere in the room which could then get clogged up again. But then again considering the awesome job she did on the open shelves she may just be the person who can handle it!

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  • Skooks says:

    What a transformation! Some day I will have my own craft room if it kills me. This looks wonderful! Good work to both of you. 🙂

  • Barbara says:

    Shelves look great. Definitely closet for storage and sewing on the big surface of the soon to be worktop. No comparison between cramped area and spreading out for sewing.

  • Lisen says:

    Looks really good, and your plan with shelves looks super!
    I had a thought about the idea of hanging closets organisers though. She’d want to make sure the rod can take it, and that she doesn’t overfill them at all- they get heavier than one would think (Own experience…).
    I’ve also gone off them because if the closet has regular depth, it doesn’t use up the space to the back. In this case the freestanding wire drawers like “Antonius” from Ikea might not work, because they don’t fit boxes, but otherwise I think they are much more space efficient. But I’d so go for the shelves if at all possible!

  • Franziska says:

    what a difference! I’m really surprised. I think purging is the key…
    Did some organizing of the pantry / utility room yesterday with labeling (you know: tap tap tap print 😉 ). It feels so relieving…

  • Bobbi says:

    Absolutely wonderful transformation on the shelves!!

  • Nancy says:

    As nice as the sewing nook looks, I agree with using the closet for storage. Having natural light while sewing and being able to spread out are two key reasons for not using the closet as a sewing nook. If this is what you can do with closet, imagine what you can do the whole room.
    This is inspiring me to tackle my own sewing room which is becoming more and more overwhelming. What holds me back is that I fear that if I get rid of something, then I will need it shortly after it is gone; especially if it is something unique or hard to find and I try to hold onto only the things that are unique and hard to find. (Yes, I have regreted throwing things out in the past.) I do alot of different crafts and art work so the materials and tools really pile up, but I must do something because it is getting to the point that I can’t do anything. There; I’ve said it and now I need to deal with it.

  • Linda says:

    I am impressed. As for the rest of the work, it depends on how much money one has to spend.

  • Messy says:

    An inspiration, as always! Thanks!

  • Amy says:

    Oh gosh it looks soooo tidy, neat, AND gorgeous! I’ve just cordoned off my own “crafting area” in my lounge, but this makes me want a whole room! 😀

  • Chrystelle says:

    Yes friends, money is a big concern! That is why I turned to Benita. I was intrigued when I read how she, like me,is on a tight budget, had limited money and storage, and bought things used or obtained them for free. I was even more interested when I saw the photographs of what she had accomplished with those limitations, and I thought, “This is my kind of girl!”
    I gave most all of what I have purged thus far to the local library and charity shops. I am going to recycle every container that I can in the craft room or elsewhere in the house. The clear containers and little crates on the shelves are from the One Dollar Store. The very colorful boxes were bought at the thrift shop, as were some of the books. The little vintage McCoy vases on the top shelves were left to me from my mom. The lovely journals next to the thrifted basket were given, and or purchased from my friend, artist Shelly Ambrogio. The apothecary jars are, of course, Martha!

  • This “after” is entirely satisfying. I also love the sketches for the next project. Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

  • reba says:

    that after is like a breath of fresh air… i was inspired to make something LOL but when i went to my subterranean craft dungeon it hardly compare to this awesomeness

  • jja says:

    Definitely closet for storage and a day light (better for eyes!) for sewing.

  • shelly says:

    Oh Wow. Beautiful work, (on both your parts) so inspiring!!!!!

  • Monnah says:

    Very inspiring!!! Thank you so much for sharing thoughts and results on this project. It gives me hope. 🙂 The storage looks great now.

  • Naomi says:

    This is a bit late, but thank you so much for the tip on lining up the shelves in adjacent bookcases. I have just rearranged mine and they look so much better.
    Thank you so much for all the useful information you pass on!