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Organizing Open Storage in a Craft Room

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Chrystelle's sewing craft room 018
Chrystelle e-mailed me with some organizing and clutter issues in her craft room. I'm going to try and help her out in a few posts, each dedicated to one area or topic.

Today is about open storage in a craft room. Craft room are notoriously difficult to keep organized becuse there are so many components and supplies especially when you do different types of crafts like Chrystelle, who scraps, sews, crochets, knits, quilts and tends to her Etsy shop in that same space.

Chrystelle's sewing craft room 006
What you see here are the three open shelving units and there's a whole lot going on there. There's a lot of stuff but there are some tips and tricks you can use to make it look less busy.

Shelves lined up

Tip #1: Line shelves up.

When shelves are lined up the overall look will be calmer. It seems silly that those two off shelves above will make any difference but they will, believe me. Click on image to view larger.

Clear bins
Tip #2: Make fronts for clear containers.

See the difference in the blue lidded container to the left and the smaller ones with pretty fronts made out of craft paper? Such an easy and inexpensive way to disguise craft supplies. Great job on those, Chrystelle! Click on image to view larger.

Line up
Tip #3: Line books up at the front of shelves.

Instead of shoving your books and albums against the back of the shelving unit bring them forward so they align with the front of the shelves. It will look instantly neater and there won't be any ledge for clutter left in front of the books. Click on image to view larger.

Top Clutter
Tip #4: Use the top for storage instead of clutter.

The top of these shelves end up being cluttered simply because there's empty space up there. Down inside the shelving unit space it's cramped. I'd move those pretty boxes (circled in green) up to the top. That way space will be freed up below and some of the stuff I know is covering other areas such as the desk top and floor (Rule #1: Never put anything directly on the floor.) can find a new home.

What to do with the clutter on top? Decide whether it's something you need to hold on to or if it can go. If it's worth keeping, it's worth storing in a better place that up there 🙂 Click on image to view larger.

Shelf clutter Tip #5: Loose the shelf clutter!

I know there are things one wants out on display. The thing is though that if it's all out at once it will just be… well, clutter.

I suggest getting a box out (and then stored…) and labeling it "pretty things I love" and then after the open storage unit is organized, using the tips above, you can add three of the things you love on the shelves. They will now pop and tell your story and add whimsy or sophistication or whatever it is you want. Store your box and add to it as you go along and occasionally switch things out. Click on image to view larger.

Haha! Everytime I've added the Click on image to view larger I can feel Chrystelle cringe and go "Oh no, why would anyone want to see my clutter up closer!?" Sorry Chrystelle, but you asked for it 🙂

Ok, more to come later on on Chrystelle's craft room!


Did you have a good weekend btw? Over all I did but I was so frustrated yesterday. The Internet was totally against me. No matter what I touched in cyber space it went wrong. I managed to get this post together in the end but I missed out on working out. If you are following me on Twitter you know I've joined a gym and in the Chez Larsson tradition (of going all in) I'm hooked. Well, I'll have to go tonight after work then for sure. Oh, and Martin joined too (he's the one who drafted me) and he's lost 4 kg/8 pounds in a week (but then he's on a diet too and I'm not. I WILL NOT sacrifice chocolate.)