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Chez Larsson


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One of the things that I feel really good about when cleaning the bathroom is refilling the bottles. It's sort of the crowning glory of the clean space. It just wouldn't be the same to put the half empty and gunky bottles back.

The pump bottles hold soap and shampoo in the shower and the rest are my cleaning kit. Not much left as you can see.

All refilled and ready to go back in the bathroom. I keep the bulk cleaning product bottles in the basement party and refill from there. The shampoo and soap are decanted from the original bottles.

Pump bottles from Muji and squeeze bottles are available here.

The cleaning kit is kept in a Muji bin (Love those bins!). The Vileda bathroom cleaner sponge is also kept in there together with a rag but they were in the laundry machine when I took this. The shampoo and soap are kept in a wire holder in the shower.