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Chez Larsson

Troubleshooting for Denise


Denise e-mailed me some months back and needed advice on where to get the dowels and tenons we use when building out of MDF. She also mentioned that she's moving house and I offered to help her out on a project when the time came to move.

Last week I heard back from her and she and her husband are in the process of moving and are planning their bedroom.What they want is to incorporate a Benno/Billy bookcase on either side of the bed facing sideways behind an accent wall/head board thus hiding books and clutter from view when entering the room.


It's a cool idea and I discussed it with Martin (who made the drawings here btw). Denise wanted to use sheet-rock on a wood frame but Martin and I are worried that it will look very chunky because there will probably need to be something between the wall and bookcases and the sheet-rock and the edges of sheet-rock and wooden frame will need to be covered somehow. Also the framing construction will be quite substantial because sheet-rock on it's own is unstable and if you're going to build all that you might as well build a unit out of MDF instead which is what we propose.010 We suggest building two units (this one and it's mirror image) like above. There's the back and the side that goes against the wall, the shelves and a plinth. Use the dowel and tenon technique or glue, screw and fill if you prefer.
011There's either the option to remove the baseboard and shove the unit against the wall (if you have straight walls that is) or you can use a piece of wood sawed so there's a cut out for the baseboard and which is scribed so it follows any uneven areas on the wall. Instructions on how to use a scribe can be found here.


There will need to be some wooden framing done for this construction too and it's marked in blue. The reason for the four verticals is that there will have to be something holding up the middle MDF board as you will see further below.

To get a nice finish from the front the boards need to go above the shelving units. How much depends on the thickness of your MDF. This way when you add the top you won't have a raw edge towards the front.

038 Screw a piece of wood into the wall with a brace towards the front frame. Nail and glue the tops onto the  frame. The top will lock the whole unit together. Screw the shelf units to the wall to prevent them from falling forward, being tall and narrow.


There it is. May we also suggest hanging bedside tables?