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Bathroom Three Ways #2


Remember my Icelandic reader? The one with the bathroom remodel from a while back?

Here's the second moodboard I made for her. Basically it's to show her and you that if you go for a neutral  and basic look for the bathroom itself, such as floor, tiles, fittings and fixtures you can then accessorize it in many different ways to create different moods.

Bad1 kopiera

Just to remind you of the layout of the bathroom again and here are the components of today's Natural theme. This time I did most of the virtual shopping at IKEA but I'm also sending my reader into the woods :).

1. I chose a pale subtIe green wall color. The color number is NSC
S1020-G30Y. NSC is the standard color system over here. All paint
brands can mix it for you. The numbers and letters basically tell you the ingredients needed to achieve the color.

2. To me pretty packaging (or decanting into pretty containers) is part of accesorizing a bathroom. Love these which aside from looking good smell divine to. LÄGGA IN LÄNK!!!

3. It's nice to step out of the shower on to a soft  bath mat. It also helps give the room a less stark apperance since there's no shower curtain. I'd probably go for matching or crisp white towels.

4. I like this simple soap dish which could also be used to corrall countertop clutter such as hair pins or jewelry.

5. Baskets are great for storing extra toiletries. These round ones are cute and will break up the squareness that's going on in this bathrroom.

6. Again I would use that under the eves nook next to the toilet for laundry baskets. These are nice and go well with this natural theme.

7. This is the point where I'm asking my reader to go chop down a tree. I remember my parents having home carved hooks in their sauna and I've lately been thinkimg I want to make some myself. They would look awesome in this bathroom scheme.

8. I like the look of these. They remind me of sea glass and would look nice on the vanity.


So which one do you like the best so far, the Soft theme above from the first post or today's Natural theme?

I promised three themes; Soft, Natural and Bright so Bright is still coming up. Stay tuned! 


Ps. Don't forget, the Polli give away ends tomorrow!