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Bathroom Three Ways #3

BRIGHTIcelandic bathroom post #3. Are you ready?! This is the final one and I've called it Bright.

Bad1 kopiera

To remind you what we're working on, that's the bathroom above. It's being remodeled as we speak and my moodboards are just the icing on the cake for this reader as I'm sure the bathroom itself will be stunning.

Here are the components in today's Bright theme. I've chosen mainly sources available on Iceland but also webstores that offer some international shipping:

1. If this were my bathroom and I'd choose this theme I'd go for pure white walls but there's also a nice shade of white from Jotun called Bomull (=cotton) which would give a little more warmth.

2. Again just to remind you that there are cute ways to disguise random ugly tiles in your bathrooms.

3. Love these colorful hooks. Each family member could get their own color.

4. Black and white goes well with the bright colors and I can never resist polka dots. Toiletry and makeup bags pretty enough to stay on a shelf or counter.

5. I had this Fräck mirror in my very first apartment and I loved it. Did you know that Fräck translates into Cheeky?

6. I would consider switching from a shower stall door to shower curtains. There have been discussions here on my blog about this before but I just like the idea of something flowy instead of that cubicle feel you get from the door. Also a lot of shower curtains can easily go in the laundry machine which I prefer to scrubbing the door. Curtains can be sewn out of any fabric and then lined with a polyester liner which can also be laundered.

7. Check out this unusual laundry basket. The image went weird on me but you can see it more closely in the link.

8. In my world there is no such thing as too many storage boxes. This is a nice black and white one.

9. Did you know Marimekko make soaps? Now you do.

10. Bright white and matching.You can never go wrong with that.

That was that! So which color scheme out of the three is your favorite if this were your bathroom? Fill out my little poll at he bottom, just for fun :). 

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