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Chez Larsson

Oh Deer!

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Remember our deer friends? First we decided not to feed them because we didn't want the ticks they bring with them. Then we couldn't stand the thought of them suffering in the cold without food and realised we could feed them in the wooded area in out neighborhood instead of our garden.

Check out the goodies they've been feasting on! Martin got our local grocery store to donate leftovers and boy did they ever! Here's one of the bags (nine so far). That day was veggie day as you can see. Other days there was more bread and fruit. I cut the larger pieces into bite sizes. Probably completely unnecessary but it felt good :).


Wille brought the camera out to document the feeding. Here's a before (mostly bread on that day) and the day after underneath. Almost all gone. 

We've had somewhat milder weather this past week where te snow has finally started melting away and hopefully our four hoofed friends can find food themselves soon. We'll keep feeding them until we're sure they can, I just hope they won't thank us by eating all our tulips this year too.