Fashion is everywhere

Chez Larsson

365 Day 203-210

JUL 23

So remember those roses on the trellis? They are no more. As I already had the ladder out to spray at a wasps nest just above I deadheaded the lot. They were all giving up anyway but I actually prefer their late color to the bright red. They were at their most beautiful on the gravel.

JUL 24
Have you ever played Blokus? It’s like reverse Tetris and totally addictive. Martin and Wille played in Torekov and then we got a game of our own when they got back.

JUL 25 
Bonus, my man! We don’t see much of him during summer as he’s the outdoorsy type. Wille and I freaked out a little a few weeks ago when he didn’t come home for 24 hours. But then he showed up again and all was well.

JUL 26 
We have clutter too. This is what I come home to after work. Someone had a snack, checked a bird book, doodled a bit, read the mail, watched TV, blew his nose, cut a nail and emptied a pocket.

JUL 27 
Mini, my princess! She sleeps next to me at night and makes sure the imposter cat that enters our kitty door gets chased away.

JUL 28 
I hate shopping for clothes but sometimes I just have to and I try to do it in my lunch hour so as not to waste time.

JUL 29
After four weeks of glorious hot and sunny weather on my vacation I’m back at work and it’s raining. That’s what I call excellent planning. 

Martin and Wille are off canoeing this weekend (hoping for better weather for their sake) and I’m finally painting the stairs. Hopefully I’ll get the downstairs doors done too!

Have a good one!


  • LOL! Benita I had to chuckle at ‘your clutter’. Please come to my house…hubby and 2 boys and I’ll show you ‘my clutter’ actually when my daughter was living at home…it was worse. I’ll swop for your clutter any day 😉
    Have a lovely weekend
    Kram Julie x

  • maja says:

    You didn´t shop only clothes that day, I can see a Panduro-bag behind the one from H&M…

  • Zoe says:

    July 26: Good to see you’re part human, but even your ‘clutter’ is neat!
    July 29: So glad the men in your life get along so well and spend some quality time together. Must be awesome to not have to worry about their relationship!

  • Mia says:

    Kisses to Mini&Bonus from sunny and HOT Finland! I wish it rained here too…

  • jja says:

    Any foreign guest ever via kitty door? My concern would rather be some other animals then cats ;-))

  • Sarah says:

    we love Blokus at our house. If two people are playing and don’t want to play for colors, count in six rows each direction and use painter’s tape to block it off. It is fun that way too.

  • Ooh, and there was I trying hard to hide it and pretend I only did awful shopping that day :).

  • Martin truly is the best dad! And Wille the best son, of course :).

  • We had a fox (!) almost enter our house but that was through the patio door and when Martin sat right next to it in his arm chair. They were both startled and the fox left.
    At the moment we have problems with a cat coming inside through the cat door at night eating our cat food. Not only does it make Bounus and Mini wake me up at 4 am because they are hungry, the cat also marks his territory inside. Not nice…

  • Great tip! I told Martin and Wille and they’re dying to try it out!

  • Jacilyn says:

    Benita! Your clutter on the coffee table even looks stylish…how do you do that? sigh
    I truly love seeing the photos of your husband and son doing things together or hearing them going off on a trip together. I’m a single mom and have a son the same age as Wille and often wish there was a good man in his life. You are so fortunate.

  • Megan says:

    I had to laugh at your clutter picture- even your REMOTES match your white decor!!!

  • April says:

    We also had a problem with a stray cat coming into our house through the cat door (and a raccoon almost did once as well)! So we installed a cat door with a magnetic latch. Our cats now have little tiny magnetic “mice” on their collars, and only they are able to trigger the cat door magnet to release and let them in. No more stray house animals for us!

  • I’ve considered that but Bonus doesn’t like to wear a collar… So now I place the dry food on the windowsill in the bedroom so the stray won’t dare eat it and hopefully he/she will loose interest when there’s nothing to snack on in the kitchen.

  • I checked online and apparently there are doors that open to microchipped cats. Mini and Bonus are due to having their shots in August so I’m deinitely considering having them chipped. Our kitty door is a little cracked anyway and needs replacing so it seems like a goood solution.

  • down bedding says:

    Blokus is one of my favorite game, i suck at it though…but I still enjoy it a lot!

  • Jennifer S. says:

    Love the clutter.

  • devil says:

    Wait a minute…you went clothes shopping and you didn’t post a picture of all your new togs? 🙂
    Some of us are big, fat suckers for pictures of Mini and Bonus. Love them.
    I hope it doesn’t rain on Martin and Willie. Being guys, they probably won’t care anyway.

  • lisa h. says:

    I too hate shopping for clothes. I know the stereotype that all women love to shop for clothes, but …. no. It is a pain in the neck. Glad to know I’m not alone on that one. It’s one of the reasons I hang onto things I like and that fit well until they literally start to fall apart.
    My clutter eats clutter like yours for breakfast. 🙂

  • sinan says:

    Seeing the shopping bags, I wonder how you store them and if you do, how you reuse them… It’s a big problem for me, I try to take as little as possible when shopping but somehow they build up in the house. any suggestions on how to reuse or recycle them?
    Btw, great blog Benita! Im’a a big fan from Istanbul 🙂

  • April says:

    That sounds great!! I know my cats would prefer not to have the magnets, because as small as they are, they will pick up any stray piece of metal (including my keys, once). In general, my cats don’t like their collars, but since our Siamese has been known to escape to the front yard where there is a somewhat busy street, we insist on her wearing a reflective collar with her name and our contact information.

  • Mini and Bonus lost a collar and ID tag a week when they wore them so in the end I gave up. Mini’s pink bell (which is on a thin elestic)is reflective though and I have a reflective spray for Bonus in winter (I know, weird but it supposedly works and is harmless. Luckily our street isn’t too busy but then again Mini was hit by a car last year. Having pets is tricky at times.

  • Normally I don’t take the bags at the stores but it was raining and I hadn’t brought my shopping bag unfortunately. I keep these bags in the garage and reuse them for storing wet paint brushes etc during projects. But the best is not to get them at all.

  • Lori in OR says:

    That is a good tip! At our house, we often play two colors each, as it is much more challenging.
    My husband found a travel Blokus which is made for two, so that gets a great deal of use as well.