Fashion is everywhere

Chez Larsson

365 Day 232-238

AUG 20

We finally taste the first of our tomato crop. We each got a tiny one. The verdict.; It tastes like tomato. Nothing extra ordinary but still kind of neat because it’s home grown.

AUG 21 
A man on a mission. As soon as I’m outside Bonus starts bugging me and wants to be petted and combed. We have a Furminator but he prefers a regular men’s plastic comb.

AUG 22 
Apologies for the feet that keep appearing in these 365 photos. On days when there’s “nothing” to shoot I end up grabbing the camera when I’m finally sitting down for a break in the evening.

AUG 23 
Wille’s breakfast. Normally there’s chocolate milk and half a grapefruit but we were out so I substituted with a glass of OJ instead.

AUG 24 
Mini and Bonus in the same shot is quite a rarity unless it’s time for food. They tend to go their separate ways. 

AUG 25 
Good mail day! I finally got the IKEA catalog. Not too impressed I have to say. It’s all a bit overly decorated for my taste. I also got the latest issue of Family Living. It’s a great Swedish magazine on all things decor and family. Geared towards families with younger kids, but I still really enjoy it. Oh and, I inherited Wille’s I Phone! He’s now got the I Phone 4 and I have the vintage 3 🙂

AUG 26 
Along with the magazine I was sent a couple of cute trays. The Family Living ant pattern is so cute. I was really pleasantly surprised at the quality of the trays and very pleasantly surprised that they sent the trays in the first place because a white tray of this size was on my shopping list! Lucky girl I am!

So as you’re reading this I’m either on the train to my mom’s or have arrived there. Hopefully my mobile internet connection works well this time too. Didn’t get a chance to prepare posts so if you don’t hear from me you know why, but fingers crossed that I can blog as usual at the beginning of next week!