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Drawer Switcheroo

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I recently had a bit of a drawer switcheroo. It was brought on by the fact that our broom cabinet is super narrow and all the dish cloths and rags I use when cleaning where on the top shelf and getting to them was awkward.

So I started thinking I wanted them in a drawer for easier access. There aren’t very many drawers in our kitchen and they’re all obviously taken (have you ever heard of an empty kitchen drwaer?) but I figured I use the candles more in the dining area and living room so out they went.

Now my rags, sponges and dish cloths are easier accessible, but what happened to the candles?

Don’t worry, there’s still a candle drawer! The divider (originally for cutlery) fit perfectly into one of the drawers that I keep in the dining area cabinet.

And there was even an extra empty drawer there after I sorted out a bunch of stuff for charity so there are now actually two candle drawers! I love that I was able to put the chunkier candles, outdoor candles and candle coasters in there too and freed up some space on the shelves.

I'm all set for fall! Speaking of fall, it's rained for two days straight and it's pretty cold so I think I'll light some candles tonight!

Btw, do you light candles on a regular weekday or do you save them for special occasions? I remember when I used to work at IKEA back in the stone ages and spent two weeks in the Marseilles store in France  They ran in-store ads over the speaker system and they all ended "et n'oubliez pas les bougies!" (= "and don't forget the candles!") because in France apparently they don't use candles everyday like we do over here and IKEA's big on those votives and wanted to make sure no-one left the store without.


  • Blimey Benita, you put me to shame.. even the inside of your drawers are stylish.
    Reference the candle question, I would have to say that it’s not a cultural thing either in the UK or Canada to use candles everyday… that having been said, most people HAVE them they just don’t use them.
    They aren’t stuck away in drawers like they were when I was a kid growing up.. [you know only brought out for dinner parties and birthdays], but they are mostly decorative, rather than practical. Partly I think it’s ‘cos they don’t want to spoil them.. for example those big white church candles look beautiful when they’re new, but once they’re lit and the wax melts they’re spoiled for ever.
    Everyone’s got a bag of IKEA votives though.. especially good for relaxing lighting while you have a soak in the bath…
    I use them to save my church candles too. If you hollow out a votive sized hole in the top and then drop a votive into the hole.. you can light the votive instead of the real candle. Then when its used you just swap out the votive for another one and the big candle doesn’t perish.
    Can I ask what the things are in the last drawer with the ring pulls on the top.??

  • martine says:

    In France, we don’t use many candles ; I think most people have them in case there is an electricity problem, so that they can see around …

  • They’re can-dles. Haha! We sometimes get to buy samples at work and I bought these two orange scented (supposedly) candles. They have some awful oranges printed labels on the cans which I’ll be removing before I use them. They should look pretty cute in their stripped cans.

  • kirstie says:

    Before children we used them loads. Now that we have a 6 and a 3 year old in a small house with few safe places to put them I am too paranoid to have any out and lit on a regular basis. We don’t really have a candle lifestyle at the moment, but I am sure we will again.
    Perhaps the further north you live, the more you have to make the best of the short days and long nights?

  • Jo says:

    Oh dear.. that has to be one of the worst puns I’ve heard in a long time. ;o)

  • Leena says:

    I think I like the idea of having candles lit more than I actually like them lit. Hmm. that did not make sence. I mean I like to lit candles but then get bored with them, what can you do when you have candles burning? To stare the fire? I cannot stay put for that long to enjoy the burning candle, I’ll leave the room do something else or swith the lamp on to be able to read and then there is really no point having candles burning is there?
    None the less I still like to have a good stash of candles in home.

  • Siri says:

    Well here in Norway we`re addicted to candles… I guess it`s a Scandinavian thing… Maybe IKEA is to blame 😀 (!) I use candles all year round, but on the short days (like in June when it don`t get dark at all) I just use a couple of scented ones on the balcony – and on the long days I have close to 20 lit in my living room! It gives that “cozy feel”! I prefer the white ones in all shapes and sizes, but on holidays I use colored ones.
    I did the same thing as you yesterday! So lovely to get everything ready and organized for autumn! By the way, where did you buy the divider you use for the candles?

  • Lena says:

    I think in my family its pretty seasonal. In the Summer we don’t lit candles that often. Maybe from time to time if we eat a nice dinner outside in the evening or if we have guests. In the winter we use candles a lot more often! While not every single day its definitely something we do a lot if we sit down for a nice meal together or for a cup of tea in the afternoon. Candles just give you the feeling you don’t just eat dinner or drink a cup of tea but rather that you have a nice dinner together or you relax with a cup of tea, if you get what I mean. A lit candle adds a lot of athmosphere in the winter, in the summer it just doesn’t have the same effect.
    Oh, I live in Switzerland by the way.

  • Ramona K says:

    In spite of having lived in Sweden for 30 years,(Born in Scotland, lived many years in Australia) I still have to make an effort to remember to light candles. If we have guests, it comes naturally but on dark evenings on weekdays I am still pleasantly surprised every time my Swedish husband runs around lighting the candles. The prettiest ones are those hanging in the windows. I buy different versions to fit in with the decoration changes we make for the 4 seasons. Doesn´t stop me forgetting to light the darn things….

  • I’m not sure, I’ve had it for years. It might have been at Lagerhaus here in Stockholm.

  • Siri says:

    OK thanks! I visited “” – and they had some pretty cool stuff! I loved the owl bags. Too bad they didn`t have an internet shop. If anyone have seen a divider like Benita`s in an online shop somewhere – please tell me where! It`s so much more decorative then the plastic ones!

  • Iiris says:

    Hello from rainy England! Now that evenings are getting darker I will always have candles burning, and at Christmas I light them in the front garden, too. And if there happens to be snow, I will make a lantern out of snowballs.
    Using candles must be the thing for us Scandinavians, though a friend of mine who is a washproof Brit has more candles than me! I prefer just the normal IKEA tealights and I have a shelf full of different glass votives, some from where ever I have got them cheapest but I have quite a few of the ‘proper’ Finnish Iittala ones, too. I’m not too keen on scented candles because quite often the scent doesn’t smell anything like the label says, too sweet and overpowering. Well, simple things please simple minds, as they say..

  • Minhus says:

    We don’t light candles as often in the US as they did when I was in Denmark. In summer I mostly light a single scented candle, there are too many fans going to have them in most rooms. In winter however I like to light a bunch of candles, including tealights, fairly regularly, but I think my habit increased after spending time in Scandinavia.

  • Malena says:

    We lived in Norway briefly when I was a teen, so candles were everywhere, but my love for candles began when I was just a kid! I like them every day. Only on these 100+ degree days have I not had them burning. As it cools off, though, candles every day.

  • Michelle says:

    Special dinners mostly…and when storms knock out the electric. I’d light candles more often if my boy (age 9)didn’t mess with them so much – just cannot resist blowing them out, really forcefully, so that the wax goes everywhere! So much fun;(

  • Vicki K says:

    Candles are seasonal for us. During the fall and winter I’ll burn several votives and a jar candle in the evening. But once spring hits I pretty much put them away. I think it is more of a cozy-dark-closed-in feeling that makes me want to use them.

  • Isabel says:

    I too could use another drawer in my kitchen, but I like the challenge to my organization skills. I have plenty of candles and would like to get into the habit of using them daily, especially in the cozier days ahead.
    I just wanted to mention that I`m one of your (usually) silent readers, but I look forward to your blog every morning as I have breakfast. I`m mostly attracted to the ordered view that you present of your home: the organization, the spare and white decor. It has a very calming effect.
    Thank you,

  • I have candles but only use them during special dinners or holiday seasons..Or again, as many of you said, when the electricity’s out..But I definitely have a love for candles and the coziness they create..We are constantly having a fire in the back yard in the summer I think here in the Ohio(Or in my household), if that’s remotely related to the topic..

  • Rose says:

    I actually use them more for myself and less for special occasions. I love the way they look and also like the well-done scented ones. But, I find that guests feel like I’ve gone to too much trouble when there are candles lit. Go figure!

  • devil says:

    We use scented candles when the weather’s cool and the house is closed up. I only have them for the scent, not for the light. Here in the Mojave Desert, we get enough sunlight already. 😉
    I like the ones that make the house smell like I’ve been baking or cleaning when I really haven’t. 🙂

  • Louise says:

    When I change things around in the house, my boyfriend gets so confused (and for years!!!). How do your boys handle your reorganizing habit?

  • Teresa says:

    Do you said ”I used to work at IKEA”??!! OMG… what a wonderful job… what do you used to do in there???
    We don’t have Ikea in our country (Mexico) 🙁 is too sad
    About the candles, use them to ground aromatic essences.

  • What?! That’s so funny. My MIL says the best way to greet guests is with fresh candles and a clean powder room. The rest won’t be noticed.

  • Martin grumbles from time to time when he can’t find something but then again he also can’t find the things that haven’t moved in the past twelve years. Wille’s pretty indifferent :).

  • I used to work at IKEA of Sweden (back in the late 80’s)in Älmhult which is where the company was founded. I started out as an interior design trainee for a year and continued working there for another couple of years after that doing sales solutions, in-store interiors, project management and quite a bit of traveling along with that. IKEA sucked payment wise but it was the best school and it’s definitely the best job to have on your resume. A background at IKEA rates very highly with other employers I’ve noticed.

  • Maura says:

    I aspire to one day be as organized as you!
    I also keep my dishtowels in a drawer, and I love them there. My candles are still looking for a home (other than the top of the media cabinet). We use scented candles quite frequently, because we have 5 people living in 680 sq ft, so no matter how clean we are, it can get very human in here.

  • Susan says:

    I live in Maple Ridge 45 minutes from Vancouver, B.C and yes it rains a lot of the year . I use many candles….I enjoy the warmth and the coziness they provide.

  • brittany says:

    I live in Canada and we use candles everyday. Some for the warm glow and scented ones to make the house more inviting. I love candles and have even tried making my own. I think they are great house warming gifts and I know I always ask for candles for my birthday and Christmas!

  • Karen says:

    I light candles all week, all year. But, it was brutally hot in Connecticut this summer and I couldn’t light any because they made me hot to look at them! It has finally cooled off and I lit them for the first time this week. I don’t use scented candles but I often put a drop or two of lavendar essential oil in the hot wax puddle after I blow them out at night. Then the next time I light the candle it smells of true lavendar. Be careful if you try this. Don’t put oil on lit candles or on the wick!

  • Jo says:

    It’s interesting what you say about IKEA looking good on your CV..
    My sister did her management training with Marks & Spencer, and says the very same thing.. even about the pay being rubbish…;o)
    Jo x

  • Aqeela says:

    I admit i have 2 spare drawers and 2 half empty cuboards in our average sized kitchen!
    On the candle front, i used to light them every evening as i love the cosyness, but when i got married 5 yrs ago, hubby declared that candles were unsafe and he couldnt relax around them and since then theyve barely been used. I would love to go back to lighting them every evening tho.

  • Lisa A says:

    Ooh, lovely drawers, so nicely organized, as usual! I used to use candles more often than I do now. When I was single I lit them for ambience in my bedroom just to make things cozy, but now with a young child I don’t leave candles burning like that. We always light candles for our family dinners though, so that’s about 5 nights a week. It just seems to make things more special.

  • e. scribo says:

    It is good that you posted this—an apron fell down the back of the dishtowels-plus-aprons drawer into the cupboard below, the other day, and I am inspired to declutter that drawer! Which is also, in fact, where a few candles collect…and the cookie cutters… and the spare corks…
    We also have a tiny, shallow broom closet, but cleaning rags are kept on the easiest-to-reach shelf, in a plastic basket with rubber gloves and a pump bottle of cleaner—it is fastest that way to pick it all up.
    BTW I just opened Martha Stewart Living for September and it says she is in Stockholm to speak at a conference 4-6 September. Keep a sharp lookout!

  • I need to do this. I have what is becoming a “junk drawer” which I swore I would NEVER have.
    I like the idea of keeping sponges, etc. in a drawer rather than where I’ve been storing them- under the sink.

  • jja says:

    I am addicted to candles, not using them every single day but in winter most of the evenings and on weekends during the day too. I love the bih ones adn use the also in summer (lemon one) to keep me mosquito free on my balcony. So yes, candles please.

  • Have you tried votives in deep votive holders or hurricane lights where the candles are more protected? Maybe he’ll accept that compromise?

  • OMG, I will! The September issue won’t be out until around the 10th over here, but I’ll go find out online!

  • Maggie says:

    I like to use candles but the smell of the burnt wick annoys the hubbs when you blow them out. I totally vote candles, oh and I use them whenever we have people over to the flat for dinner, in the bathroom in the hopes that people wont turn the overhead light on and notice the dinginess/that I haven’t cleaned the shower…

  • Hej Benita! Jag granskar dina lådor och de ser misstänkt lika ut mina egna (som jag tycker är väldigt grunda och i konstig storlek) och jag undrar var du köpt besticklådan på bilden. Den kanske skulle passa hemma hos mig med? För jag vill ha lika god ordning som du. Tack för en fantastisk blogg:)

  • Just den på bilden med ljusen minns jag inte var jag köpte. Möjligen på Lagerhaus men det är många år sen. Har dock andra besticklådor som funkar bra i storlek. Är inte hemma nu men jag ska kika undertill när jag kommer hem och meddela var de kommer från!