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Chez Larsson

Money Bunting


Wille’s grandma, my mother in law Barbro, was so sweet and wanted to reward Wille for his awesome grades when graduating from "högstadiet" (~junior high) and sent some money. She asked if I could present it to him in a neat way and not just hand over the cash. So I did.

Any Swedes out there will probably see where I hid the money :). That third bunting from the right is a 500 kronor bill. And there are two of them.

Here’s what I did in a hurry as Wille was on his way home from school and I was leaving the next day to come to my mom's; I folded the bill in half and then folded in the sides towards the center to create two points.

So as you can see here the money bunting is double while the other “less valuable” ones are just little paper triangles where I folded over the top edges. I could have done them double too but I was in such a rush and this had to do.


To secure the bunting pieces I stapled the paper ones over a string  and used a bit of rolled up office tape to close the money ones over the same string.

I heard Wille at the door as I was taping the ends to the window frame and this is what he was greeted by when he say down at the computer. This along with a sweet note from grandma.

So what did he use part of the money for? I spoke to him around lunch on Saturday and he had been on an all night computer games event in the city. A 12 hour session arriving home at 8 am… My boy is growing up 🙂