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365 Day 260-266


SEP 17

Beauty! Now that the weather is changing and it’s getting colder and wetter Mini stays inside much more. I cleared a lot of space on the windowsill when I removed the geraniums and she enjoys it there looking out over the garden.

SEP 18 
Divorce papers. Signed, sealed and delivered. 

SEP 19 
Rain, rain, rain. I don’t really mind as long as I’ve got my umbrella and my feet don’t get wet. And from inside I don’t mind at all.

SEP 20 
Haha! I went to the post office to pick up some free samples of deodorant, cleanser and moisturizer which I was asked if I wanted to try out. I did think they must be big and heavy when I lugged the box home. Funny looking deodorant, don’t you think? Turns out the PR company sent me a separate package (the wrong package?) with a bird nesting box too… The other contents where kind of cool though, some pouches with paint samples and a link to an I phone app which enables you to take a photo of a something in a color you like and get the color number over the phone. Seems to only be applicable in Sweden and Denmark though…

I’m afraid the nesting box is off to the Good Will shop. Like Wille stated; It’s not advisable to hand Mini a Happy Meal that easily.

SEP 21 
In the jar above you can see what has saved me since I realized that I am in fact lactose intolerant.  I love those little capsules, especially when travelling and when I'm not able to be in total control of what I eat. Lactasin! They help my poor belly digest products containing lactose. Thank you Nestlé.

SEP 22

The hunk! Mini weighs 7.5 ponds. Bonus weighs 11… Hard to believe they're brother and sister.

SEP 23

Grainy evening photo of our kitchen. Got back late from work, made dinner, still dishes on the counter and a little later we'll enjoy what's in that bag.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Ps. Check out this cool craft at the Panduro blog!


  • Jo says:

    Happy Friday Benita..
    Only 3 questions..
    1. Is the window sill Mini’s sitting on granite..? because it’s lovely..
    2. Are bird boxes and paint samples considered a cure for ulcers in Sweden ??
    and 2. What’s in ‘that bag’ ??
    Have a good weekend..
    Jo xx

  • Jo says:

    Ooops, sorry.. of course the second 2… should have been a 3.
    Jo x

  • Sarah says:

    Yes, I’d like to know about that window sill too!

  • Katariina says:

    Oh, you have that Guy Degrenne teapot that I´ve been dreaming of! Where did you get one? I know there are webshops selling them, but I would rather like to buy mine as a souvenir.

  • Judith says:

    Gotta say, even though I’m happy for you going in the direction you want, it was a little sad seeing the “divorce papers” picture. But now onward and upward!
    Happy Friday!

  • m.winter says:

    Ooooh that nesting box is nice, too bad it is off to the goodwill. 🙁 I have always tried to find one like this in Germany, but have been unsuccessful. Perhaps I can build one myself, now that I have finally purchased a Dremel! 🙂
    I agree it was a little saddening to see the divorce papers, but it would even be sadder to see an unhappy couple stay together.

  • 1. It’s marble; “kålmårdsmarmor”. THe sills are original to the 1936 house.
    2. Haha 🙂
    3. Candy…

  • I’ve had it for over twenty years and the shop where I got it here in Stockholm is no longer open. I bet the department store NK (Nordiska Kompaniet)has them though.

  • Heather says:

    Long time lurker, first time poster. I wanted to say that your 365 photos are one of the highlights of my week. I have considered doing the 365 project but always think I will run out of ideas. Do you have anywhere a template/tutorial for adding the date on photos like you have done?
    Enjoy the weekend!

  • Katariina says:

    Thank you for the tip! Maybe I need to check the NK on next visit. Last time I spent all the time in Fotografiska and Södermalm.

  • Karin says:

    I’ve never seen anyone display pills like that. I guess it is only possible in homes without young children, but I have to say it looks cool!

  • Kari says:

    Congrats on the divorce being final and good luck as you move onto this new phase of your life.
    Lactaid is amazing isn’t it?!

  • Goneril says:

    Whoa, the divorce papers photo was kind of a kick in the gut when one is innocently looking at pretty home photos. Fair enough though, it is what you are going through and I wish the best for all.

  • Siri says:

    I also don`t mind rain that much, and don`t like to get my feet wet – so I wear my “Ilse Jacobsen” all year long! Love them! Have the whole set in brown!
    PS Where is the deodorant in the picture?

  • It’s not final yet but the papers have been sent in so it’ll be soon.

  • It’s not there, that was the thing 🙂 I thought I would get the deodorant and the other stuff when I went to the post office to pick up the package and it turns out they sent me something else entirely 🙂

  • You need Photoshop and basic Photoshop skills (Photoshop elements is good enough) to add layers to your photos. I use these overlays by Ali Edwards and I figured out how to use them by reading the tutorials on the Designer Digitals site

  • Jean S says:

    your comment about the rain reminds me that it’s time to shop for rainboots!!!
    And my response to the divorce papers was, wow! you’re as efficient with those as you are with everything else!! (perhaps this comes from knowing a few folks who have let the process drag on…and on…and on…)
    have a great weekend!

  • Siri says:

    Oh, I thought that you meant that they sent you two separate packages and the additional package was the bird thingy. BTW I`ve never heard of those lactasine capsules you have there. I`m not lactose intolerant myself, but know some people who are, and I don`t think they know that a pill like that even exists.. So I`ll definitely tell them about it.
    And oh, I can see the “peach candy” through the bag!!! Yum Yum…:D

  • Siri says:

    Jean S: I recommend Ilse Jacobsen rain boots. They are of top quality and I love the design!!! Warm and comfy!!

  • Nancy says:

    This week has been an interesting mixed bag of days. Do Swede’s go through a period of official separation before you can file for divorce? I could be wrong, but I think in Canada, unless there has been just cause such as abuse or adultery, you have to wait a year before you can file for divorce.
    Love the picture of Mini, he looks so cuddly. I liked the comment about handing them an easy ‘happy meal’. Our 17 yr old cat who has recently become an outdoor cat caught her first mouse two days ago, and today, left us some ‘happy meal’ leftovers on the front step.

  • Siri says:

    Oh, I thought that you meant that they sent you two separate packages and the additional package was the bird thingy. BTW I`ve never heard of those lactasine capsules you have there. I`m not lactose intolerant myself, but know some people who are, and I don`t think they know that a pill like that even exists.. So I`ll definitely tell them about it.
    And oh, I can see the “peach candy” through the bag!!! Yum Yum…:D

  • Lisa says:

    Yes, even your photo of divorce papers is artsy and intriguing! And, how great that your medication comes in plain white capsules to fit in with the crisp, clean decor! Love it! Still waiting for it to feel like fall here in sunny Southern California. Rain would be a welcome change. Have a lovely weekend!

  • Nancy says:

    Oh, and I love the craft that you linked to. We are celebrating our youngest son’s 7th birthday on Halloween and these could be great decorations for the party. Not too scary, but still within the theme.

  • HolyokeHome says:

    If I ever start a rock band? It will now be named Flugger.

  • Heather says:

    Perfect! Exactly what I was hoping for. Many thanks!

  • It’s raining here in Paradise too. It’s a rare occurrence (we have more than 300 days of sunshine), so I like it if it’s not more than a day.
    I am also lactose intolerant, but I’ve yet to meet an Scandinavian with LI, that’s rare. I went to buy pills at a pharmacy in DK and they did not have it and never carried it. They asked for a special delivery. LI is a bitch, I love me some cheese.

  • christine says:

    I’ve bookmarked your blog as one of my favs!
    Wanted to thank you for posting a link for writing around your pictures. I’ve asked other bloggers & noone has shared their process. In fact, your blog is such a treat, because you always answer our questions….
    Have a great weekend.

  • jja says:

    I really really hate rain and dark days. Divorce can be so fast in Schweden! In Germany you ahve to live separated for one year and pay a lot of money to the state to declare you free.

  • Since we’re in agreement we might just as well get it overwith. No point in dragging it out.

  • Since we’re in agreement on everything and don’t have children under the age of 16 (Wille turned 16 in April)there’s no separation period. If you don’t agree and if there are children under 16 involved there’s a period of six months before the divorce is final.
    Aww, your kitty must be so proud 🙂

  • You wouldn’t believe how many lactose intolerant people there are in Sweden! There’s about fifty of us in the office at work and about 8 or 10 are LI! The stores carry a lot of dairy products for LI people and I’ve almost completely switched to them. Wille isn’t LI so I get regular milk etc for him since the LI stuff is double the price…

  • That’s sad! If two people decide they’re not good for each other any longer it’s a shame that they can’t divorce quicker. But then again I always get the feeling Germany isn’t the most forward country in Europe, there’s much more hirarchy and “husband knows best” there than over here. This is from what I see on TV when I’m at my mom’s (she exclusively watches German TV via satellite dish), hear from realatives and notice when travelling. Correct me if I’m wrong!

  • Kathia says:

    I loved to see Mini and Bonus again. My two cats have the same difference: The male, that I call Baby is bigger and heavier(I call him an extra-large cat…) than his mother, that is called Geneviève. But my love for them is equal.
    Kathia – from Brazil

  • Emma says:

    Hi Benita 🙂 As a French girl married to a German guy and living in Germany (in the southern, most conservative part of Germany at that !) I didn’t experience the gender-based backwardness you describe in a family context.
    However, I’ve a strong perception that gender equality in the work place is WAY more advanced in Scandinavian countries such as Sweden (compared to the US, the UK, Germany or France !)
    Love your blog … Take care, Emma.

  • Bárbara says:

    You are an inspiration for me. Everytime I read your blog I want to make my home more beautiful. Thank you!
    Much love (also from Brazil)!

  • your blog is very nice. because everyone will be visiting your blog will have a new inspiration. thank you

  • Lisa says:

    Jag älskar Happy Meal liknelsen! Grym, men sann. Min 15-åriga katt föredrar sorkar och ödlor- inte kul, men hellre ta reda på resterna av det, än resterna av en “McBird”