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Magnet Labels

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This is a projecte that actually took about five years to finish. It’s one of the ones I’ve been dying to do after seeing it in Martha Stewart Living in 2001, and found the perfect bag of buckles at a fleamarket in Småland and couldn’t do because I had no Dremel.
Then in spring after I got the Dremel I was finally able to cut off the bars of the buckles. Yay!


A bit of coarse sanding and then a bit of finer of the same and the buckles were ready to be painted.

After some mishaps with other paints I used these cute little Humbrol paints (the kind you use for tin solders). They come in some great colors but I mixed the orange and the hot pink myself. Unfortunately the new paint reacted badly with the crappy paint underneath so I go a slightly uneven surface, but I'm not too bothered about that.

In the Martha mag the finished product was used as fridge magnets but since I don’t use any of those I decided to use mine as labels for my sewing supplies. I simply printed the contents on some papers sized to fit inside each “frame”.



Then I used craft glue to glue the bits of paper onto the backs of the buckle frames and once that was dry I used self adhesive magnet tape over the paper.

060 (2)

And here they are, my new labels! The magnets work perfectly on the metal boxes that I’m storing my stuff in. La-la-love them and since they took years to finish that’s a good thing.