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Chez Larsson

Martha’s Moved



I guess you Americans out there are aware that Martha’s moved to the Hallmark Channel. What you didn’t know was that she did another important move too!

I’ve kept my collection of Martha Stewart Living magazines in the top cabinets in the dining area since we moved in to the house but I was running out of space. When I took this photo I’d already removed the 2009 and 2010 issues and before that wasn’t able to squeeze a single more in there.

Martin moving out does have it’s perks! One of them being I can finally move his collection of books on history downstairs to the boat room (which will stay intact for the time being until he has more storage space).

Look at all that space! Wohoo!

I’ve mentioned before that my Martha Stewart Living collection is complete and here it is in all its glory. All 202 issues! There’s also a pile of other current magazines, that’s the one in the top left corner. I don’t save those for longer than a year at the most.



What can I say other than; I love it!