Fashion is everywhere

Chez Larsson

365 Day 295-301

OCT 22

First now! It stayed for two days but hasn’t been seen since. I does make everything much brighter though .

OCT 23

Bonus loves milk but it’s not very good for cats. Only recently I realized that since he and I are both lactose intolerant he should be able to drink my lactose free version. Bonus couldn’t believe his luck when I put the bowl in front of him.

OCT 24

First snow. First Glögg. I tried this years Blossa glögg which has saffron flavor. The lady in the store said it she’d tried it and didn’t like it but I did!

OCT 25

My handsome boy. Really enjoying and doing well in his new school and really likes his new class mates = one pleased mom.

OCT 26

Carrying bag after bag of groceries just really got to me so I decided to order everything we need for the next month on-line. Bliss.

OCT 27

Miss Mini likes to sit behind the laptop screen and push it towards me while I’m blogging. Or sit on it when I’m not.

OCT 28

Another favorite spot is right behind me on the bench in the hallway. Either way I can pet her while tapping away.

Friday! This weekend I have a paint project… I’m a little nervous regarding the color so fingers crossed!

Trevlig helg!