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Chez Larsson

365 Day 323-329

NOV 19

Coffee and Lussekatter. Home baked of course. I actually prefer them with a glass of milk but on this day coffee was my drink of choice.


NOV 20

Some days Mini is particularly helpful. She writes blog posts, reads e-mail and warms up the keyboard.


NOV 21

The white paper stars are up. Below is one of Mini’s other hangouts, the sheep skin on the hallway bench. You can even see the little indentation in the pillow where her cute little head was.


NOV 22

Hyacinths are a must for me this time of year. Only in white and preferably these ones that have very little scent. Some varieties smell so strong that they give me a headache.


NOV 23

Yup, we’re watching How I Met Your Mother! After all your recommendations we ordered season one, watched all of it basically in one go and then freaked over the weekend when we again had nothing to watch. Ordered season 2 and it arrived over night so we’re all set again. And hooked.


NOV 24

Another holiday season must are Amaryllises. Again only in white and I’m always amazed how fast they grow.


NOV 25

We’ve had a bit of a snow storm these past couple of days. It’s all lovely and white but has been really cold and windy going to work in the mornings.

So, on Sunday it’s Advent 1st and I look forward to spending it quietly at home. This week has been so hectic and pretty stressful so I just want to sit back and relax. I’ll also be online this weekend and will be in the Simplify 101 forum so if you’re in the Get Organized for the Holidays workshop, I’ll see you there! A gingerbread house is also in the plans. Wille’s considering (not seriously I hope!) a replica of the Sydney opera house while I’m kind of hoping for a simple cottage…

Happy Weekend!