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Chez Larsson

Apoteket Commercial

So here it is, the commercial Wille’s in, by popular demand :).

It was shot just a few weeks ago while I was on the train to see my mom. I think Wille did great and best of all he’s pleased with the result himself.

Fun facts: The director is Felix Herngren (famous Swedish comedian, actor and director) and he’s actually crouched in the back seat there in the car just behind Wille. And no, Wille isn’t actually driving in any of the scenes. He’s only 16 and you need to be 18 to drive over here. The car was pulled by the car with the film crew on and he had a body double doing the driving at the end of the scene. They “drove” around and around and around Lidingö (a Stockholm suburb) trying different versions of the scene.

What his lines are? He says; “Do we turn over here or…?” the driving teacher mumbles no and then Wille tries to get an answer once again. The voice over says something about “Björn (the driving teacher) has a bad back which keeps him awake at night and bla bla bla he should go to Apoteket to learn more about pain medication”. The end voice over says “Because we can’t have this”. Pretty funny 🙂