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Chez Larsson

365 Day 351-355

DEC 17

Don’t worry, it’s not Friday already! It’s just that we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve and I got a bit pressed for time and am posting my 365 post today instead of tomorrow.


DEC 18

After Wille and I got the tree it rested in the garage over night so we wouldn’t freak it out completely by changing it’s temperature with 30 degrees in one fell swoop. Mini of course checked it out to make sure we got the correct variety.


DEC 19

I think Mini is a reincarnated traveller. If there is a bag of any kind laying about she will sit on it. I swear I have to double check my luggage before leaving the house on a trip or I will one day find myself with a feline friend at the airport.


DEC 20

The tree.


DEC 21

Happy Birthday to me! Wille was away with friends and I got the quiet evening with a glass of wine and a movie that I’d been hoping for after a few weeks of complete madness. I saw Sex and the City. No, not no 2, the first one. I have to say I don’t get it. I haven’t seen the TV series but the whole things way to girly for me.


DEC 22

A note on the inside of the front door so we don’t forget to turn the tree lights out when leaving the house. I’d love to keep them on so it’s lit when we get home in the evenings but worry a bit that it might catch on fire (you never know and certainly don’t want to find out the hard way) or that Mini or Bonus will suddenly find the lighted tree too interesting.

So tomorrow is Christmas Eve! Yay!