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Chez Larsson

365 Day 357-365 The Final!

DEC 23

Sitting here December 30 with a glass of wine preparing tomorrow’s post and am celebrating the fact that I did it! I’ve taken (at least) a photo a day for an entire year. Yay! I’ll be adding the December 31 photo tomorrow morning (read today) to make the year complete! This post may reach you a little later than usual because of that.


DEC 24

Christmas Eve, the day we celebrate Christmas over here. I’ve mentioned before that Mini and Bonus haven’t paid much interest in the tree but Bonus couldn’t resist one single little Christmas dangle.


DEC 25

The oranges are more for juggling these days than for drinking but I always tell Wille that he’ll be eating or drinking any he drops :).


DEC 26

A gift from my (soon ex) sister in law, organic peppermint tea from Daylesford Organic. I’m bringing this to work as I never drink anything but Earl Grey at home but enjoy the occasional other tea in the office.


DEC 27

Mini. Beauty. I can’t recall how many times I’ve said that during this project but she is. Mini in size and the most beautiful girl.


DEC 28

One of those oh-no-I’ve-forgotten-to-take-a-photo-today shots. I was drinking wine after dinner with my friend Sanna in the evening and jumped up, shot this and then plonked down in the armchair again,


DEC 29

The quilt project is progressing. All the little squares have been cut and it’s now a matter of assembling them into a large rectangle.


DEC 30

I’m slowly removing Christmas. The pine cones are on their way down into the basement storage and so is the fake greenery around the lampshade. There are a zillion pine needles under the tree no matter how much or often I sweep so the tree is getting tossed on New Year’s Day if I have my say.


DEC 31

7.12 am. Yes!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! The very best wishes to all of you for 2011 from Wille, Mini, Bonus and me!