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Chez Larsson

Christmas Eve


So did you have a good Christmas? Mine was a bit different this year but still lovely. And as you can see I did end up introducing a little bit of red to my otherwise white Christmas.

Gotta love those squeaky tulips. I bought them already on the 21st and kept them in the garage next to the door where it’s cool and a bit of a draught and they kept fairly well until I go them out on the 24th.



As you can see Bonus isn’t too bothered with the tree but he likes to lay under it and I guess it’s his substitute “outdoors” now that it’s been so cold here in Sweden.



Gifts all nicely wrapped under the tree and although most of them were DVD’s and video games for Wille I tried to wrap them differently so they wouldn’t all be rectangular flat presents.

I’ll show you what I got from Wille tomorrow. Man, that boy really knows how to make his momma happy :)!


  • Petra from NL says:

    Good to hear you had a nice Christmas. But why oh why are you keeping us in suspense about Wille’s gift to you? I hope I can get through the day ;-).

  • Jo says:

    Happy belated Boxing Day Benita. Do you even have Boxing Day in Sweden ??
    The tree looks lovely with all the gifts and the cat round it. I really love those dangly bead strings.
    Oh and I thought you’d like to know.. if you don’t already; I’m just reading the ‘Trends’ issues of House & Home and Style @ Home, and Navy Blue is THE new Neutral apparently. White hot trend-wise… how like you to be ahead of the curve. ;o)
    Jo xx

  • tinajo says:

    Ser riktigt mysigt ut – och Bonus är en ypperlig dekoration under granen! 🙂

  • Älvan says:

    We spent our Christmas in Åre so our cats got to see a Christmas tree at the cat-sitter. The young one played with the round ornaments but they both left the tree unharmed.

  • Eunice from PEI says:

    Hi Benita – Glad to hear you had a nice Christmas. Dec 26th is Boxing Day in Canada (does Sweden celebrate it too?). It’s great to have two holidays together.
    I love the fotos of Bonus – he looks like he’s one of the presents too 🙂

  • tradstreet says:

    Your tree and the dining setting look lovely Benita! Belated Merry Christmas from Tradstreet! I love your ‘white pig candle holders’. Looks like Bonus is expecting some gifts and is guarding them intently:)

  • Carin says:

    God fortsättning Benita!
    Wow, I just love your table setting! Those red tulips are striking and really make the table come alive! Gorgeous!

  • Karin says:

    Happy Christmas, Benita. I just wish I could step into through the computer screen and into those beautiful photos. We had a lovely, quiet Christmas without any extended family. My son got DVDs for Christmas as well: Dr Who and Star Trek (original series).

  • jackie says:

    what a lovely tree! amazing photogrpahy as well…i know it’s hard to get that perfect glow within’