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Chez Larsson

Painted Glass Pine Cones


I have a thing for pine cones. Especially glass ones. I had a couple of large vintage ones but the red one broke and those vintage ornaments are pretty hard to come by.




When I went to Panduro a while back I found these cool clear pine cones but clear didn’t do it for me this year.




I wanted white. So I just removed the hanging thingies and poured some white slightly diluted wall paint in there and swirled around until all of the inside was covered. Then I let the rest of the paint drip out over a couple of glasses that were slightly narrower then the cones.




After the excess paint had dripped out I let the pine cones sit for another 24 hours so the paint would dry in there. I repeated the process once because it was a bit uneven and then let them rest until completely dry inside.



I was going to hang them like I did the vintage ones but by that time I’d already hung the string of pearls on the fireplace so I just put them on a plate on a pile of books in the dining area for deciding later.




And that’s where they still are. Sometimes the most impromptu decorating is the best. I like them there!