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White Christmas Indeed


It’s been a white Christmas indeed, not just in our house but outdoors too. 35 cm / 14 inches is how much snow there is now.



I’ve been shoveling snow daily, some days multiple times, I don’t want Mini and Bonus to get lost in there somewhere. That little bare patch under the table there on the balcony is a little spot I’ve kept clean so they can survey their hood. There are also shoveled paths around the house and on the lawn to make sure they exercise :). Those little paw prints in the snow on those paths are just too cute.


  • Noga says:

    Hello Benita!
    Such a great idea to show the amount of snow! White simple and elegant, very you…
    Happy holiday for you two!

  • Monica says:

    Love how you shovel snow for Mini & Bonus. Too cute!

  • Maria says:

    Jag har oxå varit ute och skottat på en av våra balkonger. Kom inte ut. VI hade över 50 cm samlade på den ena. Fick klättra ut genom fönstret för att komma åt. Skottade en liten kvadrat framför dörren. Blev alldeles trött i händerna. Insåg ganska snart att vi behöver vara 2 då vi bor högt upp i fabriken och inte ser ner på marken annat än om man hänger över räcket. En får stå där nere och hålla koll och en får skotta…. jag tar mark-placeringen 🙂 vilken tur att min sambo kommer hem om en stund 🙂 ha det bra i snön! 🙂

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  • I love how you are always thinking of your kitties! Very sweet! Benita – I recently watched a Swedish movie (The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo) and loved hearing the dialogue in Swedish. (I imagined you and Willie sounding like that when you talk to each other.) Have you seen it?

  • I have, the whole Millennium trilogy was on TV as a series over here a while back. Great wasn’t it!? And yes, that’s what we sound like :).

  • I wish we could let our kitties play in the snow…they’d love it! But they are only indoor cats, because there are too many coyotes and vultures and big scary things around here. And because I know that Clementine will go around and pick fights with all the stray cats and that Moonshadow will get her ass kicked because she’s a wimp.
    So for now I will smile at your “paw prints on snow paths” comments.
    Have a good day!

  • Does Willie speak English as well as you do?

  • Pamela says:

    It’s fun to know that we have as much snow in western Massachusetts as you do in Sweden! And last night we lit, for the first time, the ice candle holder that you showed how to make a couple of years ago. I meant to have it for Christmas eve, but had some production problems (!) so had to start over. It was worth it as it’s very pretty. So, thanks, Benita!

  • celeste says:

    Benita, I am so impressed with your English; being able to use “the hood” correctly is impressive! I thank you so much for all you have written this year; I love coming to your blog first every morning.
    I live in Minnesota and we have similar amounts of snow. Many of the farmers I grew up around retained their Swedish accents and I loved hearing the familiar cadences when I saw the Millenium series. Lisbeth was perfectly cast, and not what we would typically think of when we think of young Swedish women!

  • Caro says:

    Mini and Bonus are clearly bold Swedish cats with the courage to go out in the snow. Despite having spent his whole life in snowy New England, our cat, Gomez, will not go out in the snow. He will stand in an open doorway glaring at the snow for ages, ears, back and tail switching side to side, before turning around, disgusted, to go sleep in front of the fire. If we put him out on the deck, which has been cleared and there are paths to the bird feeders, he stands perfectly still, looking affronted, and then makes a desperate break for the door.

  • Almost! He’s really way better than I as at his age.

  • Emily says:

    When I saw these photos, the first thing I thought was “this woman really knows how to make white WHITE.” Even when I mess with the exposure compensation a bit, my snow photos are never as white as I’d like. I was wondering if you have any tips, in camera or post-production, for getting the whites really white in your photos. I’m always impressed with the clarity of your shots!

  • Thank you for saying that, but it’s actually the area of photography were I struggle the most. So I cheat. By cheating I mean I do as mych as I can when taking the photo, such as adjusting the white balance but afterwards I adjust the tint in either Photoshop or in Windows Photo Gallery. I’ve still not completely mastered Photoshop in this area so in some photos where I can’t get it right I just do auto adjust in Windows Photo Gallery and it brings it to the correct white. If it’s too blue which sometimes happens I adjust that manually. Photoscape also has a great tool for this where you point to an area that you want to be white and it adjusts the rest of the photo around that white spot. I’m sure more professional photographers would be horrified at these easy methods that probably disrupt the quality of the photos too much but I’ve no ambition to rise to the standard of the pros’ so I take the easy route :).

  • BARB says:

    No matter how you do it, your snow pic looks a whole lot better than mine ever do. Our snow here in the northwest burbs of Chicago is melting. It will be 51 degrees tomorrow. and then back down in the 20s on Jan. 1. No snow in the forecast, but I know there will be plenty before winter is over.