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I’m exercising!

The reason for the exclamation mark is the fact that I haven’t exercised in a long time. I always find myself being so much more healthy during the warmer months than in winter. From April through September I ride my bike to work at lest three days a week and that in combination with yard work and running up and down ladders keeps me fit. Winter is a different story though, it’s cold, it’s slippery and it’s difficult to get motivated. 



We've had a little bit of sun these past couple of weekends though and that in combination with a little bit of newly found energy (because of the sun I’m sure) got me outdoors. It’s still really icy and there’s lots of snow but with my Nordic walking poles I can stay on my feet pretty well.

Nordic walking has gained immense popularity around here but you do tend to see a lot of elderly people doing it and using the poles like sticks rather than exercise equipment so Wille refuses to be seen with me when I use the poles and I have to admit to feeling a little shy myself using them so I wear sunglasses. Regardless of the weather I’m incognito…

It IS great exercise though. Using the poles correctly, walking briskly and you’ve got yourself a good workout AND a butt lifter! I walk for 45 minutes to and hour and it’s a fun way to explore different neighborhoods while getting fitter.

I have to say I do long for the streets to be bare again so I can ride my bike. I can’t think of any better way to exercise than to do it on my way to and back from work. Please snow, go away!


  • Petra from NL says:

    The computer I’m on right now has a rather slow internet connection so your picture was coming up very slowly, filling from top to bottom like a nice teaser. You look very sporty, no matter what Wille says ;-).

  • Jean says:

    Ditto what Petra says – very sporty indeed. A bit James Bondish in fact. Great outfit.

  • Will I get legs like yours if I buy the poles? Butt lift you say? hmmm…. I may have to investigate further.

  • Amanda says:

    Yay for getting out there in the winter! I’m super jealous. Normally I make sure to get out there XC Skiing just to have a way to appreciate all the snow. But this year I’m too pregnant and afraid of falling to do much of anything. Take a lap around the block for me 🙂

  • JanyH says:

    Very cool look ! Love the sunglasses 🙂

  • Härligt!!
    Nu inspirerade du mig till att ta en extra lång promenad idag!:)

  • Monica says:

    Nordic walking has been a big trend in Germany for the last couple of years. The looking dorky has always kept me from trying. You look cute though and I agree with Jean, kinda James Bond like. We have an elliptical trainer and I have been trying to talk myself into getting back. My excuse at the moment is that I first have to organize the basement. Just couldn’t bare to be on the machine with the current state of a half finished job. 😉 Good for you for getting out there!

  • Yvonne says:

    It’s exactly the same here, great embarrassment to be seen with those poles. But I do it – incognito as well of course LOL. I walk so much faster using them and my arms get a great work out too. You look very good though so maybe we’re setting a new trend 😉

  • Haha, here we are walking stealth like through our neighborhoods 🙂

  • Anne says:

    Välkommen i klubben! After my operation two years ago I wasn’t allowed to lift weights for a while and couldn’t do my normal work out at the gym. My mother urged me to try the poles. Although I’m back at the gym now I still do Nordic walking since it’s nice to get outside – and it’s a great work out! August and Märtha thinks I look stupid (and old) of course. Sun glasses is a must!

  • jja says:

    You look so cooll dear Benita! And I adore walking, as Monica wrote it is popular last years in Germany and made properly bring your entire body in shape! Here some motivation from me to 🙂

  • Mal says:

    Hi., Benita, you do look very fit and cool, how should the poles be used? Here on the south coast of Britain, I have seen people with them, but usually the elderly, and I am not sure how they should function. Best wishes, Mal

  • Cheryl says:

    Hi Benita! You go girl!

  • Nicole says:

    What on earth do you need a workout for with legs like those?! You go on with your bad self!

  • Siri says:

    It is kind of ironic that they claim that people get improved balance and stability since most people don’t get the proper instructions in using the poles.. If you have problems with balance then the poles are not meant for holding your balance…then you should use all the muscles in the body to achieve a better balance. For instance if you stand on a balance pillow and have nothing to hold on to. Then you have to stabilize the whole body to be able to stand up and not fall down. The whole point with the Nordic poles is to swing them back and forth while you walk as you would do cross country skiing, so that you have the workout on both upper body and legs at the same time. This kind of workout is great for people with heart problems among others. But when people walk slowly and keep using the poles as support.. Then the whole point is gone. Just to warn those of you that hasn’t had instructions in using them. If you want to buy poles, have the place you buy them make sure they are the right length as your body type need, and of cours ask to have instructions given to you – and try it so that the person selling them to you can correct you if you are doing it wrong

  • Mia says:

    Looking good!
    Here in Finland poles are not that much of an embarrassment as they used to be, but not too hip withing teenagers here either I’m afraid 🙂 I do have two sets also, and another is by Marimerkko (pink unikko!) – so we’ve taken the sport here into a high level, indeed!
    Happy poling (is that a word??)!

  • Leena says:

    Here in Finland nordic walking has been a trend for almost ten years. I remember when I first saw these things I thought it was a joke, but nowdays many young people nordic walk too, so I agree with Mia.
    What do you call nordic walking in swedish? In Finland it’s called “stick walking”

  • I’ve had my poles for about two years and last year got an extra set as a company Christmas gift. It’s big here too and it is getting a little bit less embarrassing nowadays. Sunglasses is nothing actually, I used to do it so early on the morning that no one was up and out:).
    Here it’s called “stavgång” which I’d translate into pole walking.

  • elisa rathje says:

    you look great! my finnish mother and my father love their poles, it is very, very good for you. have you ever done yoga? i love that throughout the year, especially when i’m getting cabin fever in the winter. sometimes a good vinjasa class is what i need to get started though – the darkness really slows me down. x

  • Golla says:

    You do look great in your excercise gear! Love the reason for donning the sunglasses :-). I have tried to get my chubby little hands on a zumba DVD this winter, and when I tried to find one in the store I actually lied, saying it was a “gift for a friend” (but I still havent’t found what I’m looking for – hahaha).

  • KeLLy Ann says:

    The few days of nice weather we’ve had since Christmas, The Hubs and I took advantage and went for LONG bike rides. It really is a mood lifter!

  • Mary H says:

    I like the Nordic poles, too. I bought a pair several years ago and get a very good workout with them. They aren’t popular around here, though, and I use them for off the road walking on a hard clay road through the woods. Keep walking!

  • Lisa says:

    Geez, Benita, you look like a supermodel. I’m uber jealous!

  • I’ve tried Power Yoga once which was really hard. I’d love to try yoga again but the thing that puts me off is the music and the incense. It gets a bit too touchy feely for me rather than physical (although I know it IS physical). I so need to get over that but the breathing in combination with the music makes me giggle… I’m such a teenager when it comes to stuff like that.

  • I’d love to try Zumba but when I told Wille he almost died. I just have to figure out a time of day when I can do it when he’s not up and around. Zumba session at 4 am, anyone?

  • rachell says:

    Dan and I have been making an effort to start REALLY working out too. So many people are jumping on the bandwagon for the start of spring, it really helps to keep me motivated. Good luck to you too!

  • Jeanette says:

    How cold is it there? I am having trouble getting my exercise in because I am a wimp when it comes to cold and I really don’t like driving and parking at the gym (sad excuse I know). Tips for staying warm and keeping feeling in your fingers? Minnesota has been brutally cold lately.

  • Rochelle McGee says:

    Try Tara Stiles yoga. She has a studio in NYC and a couple of DVD’s. She also has a site with mini yoga sessions and a podcast (Yoga and other useful stuff with Tara Stiles) that one could string together depending on how much time there is. She was recently featured in the New York Times as the “Yoga Rebel” Funny music and incense drives me batty but I love the benefits of yoga.

  • devil says:

    There comes a point in life where we have to do what WE want, not what our teenagers want. So Zumba if you want to!
    You look fab in your workout suit. 🙂

  • Today it’s 1 C = 34 F. Brrr, but the sun makes it bareable.

  • I’ll look her up! I’d love a DVD and do it at home rather than going to a studio.

  • Anna @ D16 says:

    Ahhh! Jealous…of your great legs AND your poles! I’ve been wanting poles of my own for a while (I’m not ashamed!), but I don’t have a good place to use them regularly. I love winter sports, but it’s been so long since I’ve been able to do anything.
    Do you cross-country ski as well?

  • Golla says:

    ha ha ha, I rest my case! One day, though, I will be shaking my bootie – or whatever – with the zumba crowd 😀

  • I used to when I was younger but I don’t any more because I don’t have the gear and don’t want to get it for the few times a year I’d do it.

  • Rosa says:

    Can you get ice grippers? Like these:
    They are great in winter months. I haven’t needed mine in Wisconsin this year, but we are getting almost 2 feet of snow in a day or so.
    Good luck with your winter fitness.

  • I got some for my mom who is 82 and that’s about the age they are used by over here, worn by the elderly who use the poles as sticks if you see what I mean… 🙂 I did honestly consider it because mom swears by hers, I really did but never got around to getting any.

  • christine says:

    i don’t come from an area with snow… but the last time we were in Europe we saw couples using walking poles – are they considered the same?
    i live near the beach – would they help me walk through the sand… kidding!

  • You inspired me to get a kit (DVD + those maraccas thingies)! I found one (all new) on Blocket (= Swedish Craigs list). Should get it next week. Hush, don’t tell Wille! 🙂

  • They’re probably the same. They look like ski poles but have rubber tips. The rubber tips are removable so now with all the ice and snow I use them without and they’re pointy and sharp metal. You could probably use them in sand too actually and it’s be good exercise for the arms as well as the legs.

  • emily says:

    She’s on youtube too – each video is about 5-7 min. Perfect! just search her name in youtube and you will find her!!!

  • Maggie says:

    Good stuff. I have to get back in to exercising myself. I think you must be happier, you are looking prettier (you looked pretty before too, now you are glowing).

  • What a great inspiration! I’m so so tired of the snow here in New England–bracing for another storm tomorrow and feeling quite pent up in the house. The poles are intriguing, will look into it.

  • Yes! Anything to get out and enjoy the outdoors, even IF it’s cold!
    We’ve been trying to snowshoe at least twice a week but it hasn’t happened quite as much as we hoped it would. The snow levels just haven’t been cooperating! This would be a great alternative.
    So instead I’ve been doing squats with bags of potatoes when I wait for my pasta to boil or dips on the dining chair if I’m waiting for the oven to preheat. Not outside, but still. 😉

  • Leena says:

    I’ve been doing astanga yoga for year and a half and there has never been music or incense. The instructor might sing while the relaxation exercise on the end of the class, but otherwise there is total silence.

  • Milla says:

    Just need to comment about old people and the nordic poles. If they have fun going out with those, even if not used correctly or just as a support, it’s definitely better than not going out at all.. That’s how I see it. You look cool in your outfit, keep going! And thanks for a beautiful and inspiring blog!

  • Amycapdet says:

    Hi, Benita, you look gorgeous in these photos! BTW, I didn’t know there was such a sport -I’m not a sporty gal, if we come to that-, so thanks a lot for posting about this and for the links.
    Anyway, my question is about the apparel you’re sporting in the pics. I undestand it’s polar fleece and my doubt (stupid as it may sound to you) is whether you get static shocks when wearing polar fleece -or any type of synthetic fabric in your body- and most important how you solve it!!! I suffer from continuous shocks due to electrostatic charge when I wear my sneakers, plastic sole boots, fleece… That’s hell for me because it lasts the whole winter season, so any clue?
    Thanks a lot 🙂

  • Amycapdet says:

    Have you tried WiiFit? It’s the only exercise I really enjoy, apart of Wii Grand Slam Tennis: it really makes you feel you’re in a tennis court -or almost ;-). It keeps me motivated to do some exercise because I find it fun trying to break my own records!

  • I don’t problems with fleece tops, I just wash those (without fabric softener) and put them on straight after but wide fleece pants tend to cling to my legs in an uncomfortable way so I spray the insides with “anti stat” spray which works really well and takes the static out. Maybe that type of spray can help you get rid of the shocks?! The thing is my can ran out just a week ago and the (hardware) store where I got it in the first place were out which kind of freaks me out. I need to go look for it online I guess. Good luck, because fleece is so comfortable!

  • We have Wii Fit but it’s in Wille’s room and I doubt he’ll be pleased having me jump around in front of him while he’s doing his homework :).

  • Amycapdet says:

    Really? I had no idea that there was such a thing as "anti-stat" spray!!! You've made my day, thanks so much ^_^!

  • Great outfit. Love the sunglasses.