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List No.4 : Ten Favorite Simple Pleasures


Lists Brock Script 4


Here’s a list that one of you requested; my favorite simple pleasures. Here goes, in no particular order:


* Getting up before anyone else on the weekend.

* Walking bare feet from house to garden in summer.

* A glass or two of wine on the weekend. Current Favorite Lagunilla Crianza.

* Reading crime novels in bed. New favorite author Jan-Sverre Syvertsen.

* Cuddling with Mini and Bonus.




* Watching movies on DVD with Wille. At the moment we’re re-watching all the 007’s.

* Eating Pasta Rouge. Spaghetti with butter and ketchup… Fancy,  I know.

* Finding a new favorite Flickr Stream.

* Realizing it’s Thursday when you think it’s Wednesday.

* Candle lit week day dinners.

* A clean house.


What are yours?

Happy weekend!


  • Jane says:

    Playing card games with friends
    A nice roast chicken dinner
    New sheets on the bed
    Fresh flowers in the house
    Cuddles in bed with my youngest son in the morning
    Watching movies
    Making cards for friends
    Hanging out with my uni friends at lunch times, laughing and eating cupcakes!
    A clean house (not as often as I would like).
    An empty house when my husband takes the children out (like just now, they have gone for a swim – peace for the first time today!)

  • Monica says:

    Sitting on my terrace steps with a cup of coffee in my hands is my favorite simple pleasure. Not something I can really do year round, but I have been known to occasionally indulge in the winter. Reading my favorite blogs is another.
    Have a great weekend!

  • Siri says:

    Aaah! Walking barefoot from the house to the garden! I can’t wait for that feeling!!! Only a couple of more months and then it is spring!!! Yay!!!
    My list:
    1.Walking barefoot in the garden under the sun
    2.Sitting under a tree (spring/summer/fall)
    3.Going for a walk in spring time/ summer picking flowers by the side of the road
    4. Sitting by the shore listening to the waves washing in on the beach
    5. Trekking in the mountains, taking a quick bite by a trickling brook!
    6. I looove when the birds start to chirp around Easter!! Then you know sprig is coming!
    7. Reading a good crime novel in the summer or watching one on TV in the winter. Agatha Christie is my favourite. Poirot
    8. Sitting on a plane!!! Sitting there watching over the clouds, knowing that you’re about to land somewhere else in the world! Exciting!!
    9. Clean bed linens! I love that feeling!!
    10. Having breakfast outside in sunshine!!!
    It’s probably not a secret that I live in a Scandinavian country???

  • Jo says:

    I’m amazed you have the time to flick through Flickr.. if you’ll pardon the pun… but pasta with butter and Tom Sauce sounds good to me ;o)
    I’m going to try an write my list without reading anyone elses.. ‘cos otherwise I’ll have 25…
    First.. this blog !!
    Smelling fresh cut grass.
    Dinner at Toscanos [our absoultely favourite restaurant].
    Watching hubby sleep [but only when he’s on his side, because on his back he snores].
    French Onion Soup.
    Driving back into our cul-de-sac whenever we’ve been away for a while.
    Finding the perfect thing in a junk shop or an antiques market, and discovering it’s cheap too. ;o)
    Bare feet on lush grass.
    The sun on my face in our back garden.
    Watching ‘Location, Location, Location’.. I LURVE Phil Spencer.
    Have a great weekend Benita.
    Jo xx

  • Anne says:

    Early saturday mornings with coffee and a book.
    A glass of red wine on Friday evening (current favourite: Cafe culture pinotage) in my armchair, feet upp.
    Sleeping with a snoring burmese against my stomache and another one on my pillow.
    When my children is feeling well, body and soul wise.
    A clean home (i.e when visiting yours 🙂
    Friends on dvd.
    Swedish perfect summer nights outside whith a blanket and candles.

  • Good morning! It is so hard to narrow oneself down to 10! For me, there are so many pleasures every day. Having fresh flowers on the coffeetable or on the desk at work for example, or sitting on the sofa having some tea or a glas of whine and a new magazine… I’ve written a blogpost about it, you can see it here: It is in German, but perhaps Mrs. Google is able to translate it for you. Thank you for inspiration!

  • Marian says:

    Walking barefoot from garden to house???
    OMG, this just ruined my day :))
    Don’t you people have dust or mud in the garden that travels from your feet in the house?
    my simple pleasures are:
    -reading a good book in a peacefull home
    -getting prepared for a travel(seeing pictures on the net/planning every day/preparing the right clothes etc)
    -drinking coffee with a good friend (preferably somewhere with a seeview)
    -smelling my freshly-bathed children

  • -Singing!! If you knew me you would never guess it. But it is so much fun.
    -Neatly folded stacks of laundry. Love them Especially towels and dishtowels.
    -Taking a nap while my daughter is sleeping. Ahh nothing better.
    -Laying in bed and just enjoying how warm and comfortable it is. Why is it never that nice at night!!!
    -A walk in the forest or in the mountain
    -Creating something new and having it turn out just the way I hoped.
    -Watching my daughter play.
    -Going to bed in the summer while the sun is still shining outside. (must be a Scandinavian thing, cause my husband hates it)

  • Kelly says:

    – the sound of my daughters’ laughter in another room, especially deep chuckles
    – clean sheets
    – the sound a flagpole makes when the rope and metal are hitting the post
    – the light in winter time
    – a clean house
    – being awake in the morning before everyone else, very peaceful
    – trains sounding their horns in the distance
    – knitting
    – walking into my daughter’s daycare during nap time
    – the smell of ozone after a rain

  • Ana V. says:

    In no a particular order:
    Have breakfast looking to the sea.
    Listen a good music
    Play with fabrics and sew them
    Read a good book
    A clean house
    Playing cards gamees with friends
    Have dinner with friends
    Fresh flowers at home
    Clean bed sheets
    Benita try a nice portuguese wine <<a href="; and a nice portuguese cheese please <,”>;, than tell me ok.

  • Reading mystery & romance novels
    walking my dogs
    sitting in winter sunshine
    a big Coke (so bad!)
    reading blogs
    clean sheets
    macaroni & cheese
    That’s about all I could come up with right now. I’m not a morning person. 🙂 Have a great weekend, Benita!

  • Dusa says:

    1. Smooching kitty paws (I know, ewww, but how can you not? Look at that paw up there!)
    2. Sleeping in on Saturday mornings when I can
    3. Crossing off stuff on my to-do list
    4. Making dinner from scratch
    5. Twinkle lights
    6. Being inspired by some great blogs (of which yours is one!)
    7. The smell of the first grass cut of the season
    8. The smell of autumn leaves
    9. Gin and Tonics
    10. Hanging with the CatMan

  • Jennifer S. says:

    A meal of hot soup and homemade bread
    Hot tea with honey
    A cold drink on a hot summer day
    A walk in the woods with my kids
    Going running by myself
    Wool socks
    Sitting on the beach soaking up the sun (wearing sunscreen these days)

  • I love this list & spotted a few of my own favorites on yours.
    I’ll leave you with 5 of mine:
    1. Being up before the sun
    2. Making coffee in the French press each morning
    3. Pulling Moonshadow around on a small kitchen rug- she LOVES it!
    4. Cutting paper with an x-acto knife
    5. Potting plants

  • Julia says:

    Thank you very much for the reading tip, I was running out of crime novels to read.
    Don’t worry about your english. I like it excessively. Firstly, it is 99% perfect. The rare occasions when you misspell say something about your mother tongue. I cherish these 🙂

  • cristina says:

    1-Going for a walk in the morning near the beach
    2-Stay home alone
    3-watch tv after dinner (Menphis beat, the good wife, etc)
    4-Sunny days
    5-Chat with my friends
    6-spend hours reading blogs
    7-Going to the movies all by myself
    8-Work in a quiet environment
    9-Reading thriller books
    10-cooking (sometimes)

  • Susan says:

    1-Reading a book or magazine while drinking coffee in a quiet house.
    2-Spending time with family and friends.
    3-Friday night drinking wine and catching up with my husband.
    5-Walking the dog along the river enjoying the view and people watching.
    6-Shopping for the next book to read.
    7-Listening to music.
    8-Reading blogs.

  • misa says:

    -how excited my dogs are to see me when i get home from work!
    -backyards lit up by string lights in the summer
    -cold soda
    -getting a magazine in the mail
    -when trees just start to bud and they look like they’re glowing green
    -listening to story corps on public radio friday mornings

  • Vicki K says:

    I could echo a great deal of your list! Well, substituting two puppies, Cooper and Sebastian, for Mini and Bonus. My sons and I are going through the seasons of Psych – we just got Season 4. Fun to watch with teens!
    BTW – most Americans have trouble with lie and lay!

  • The links appear to be broken, but I’ll keep a lookout for Portugese wine and cheese in the future 🙂

  • Rebecca says:

    -Watching the food network with my daughter.
    -Listening to my sons play guitar.
    -Really good hot chocolate, like from City Bakery or LA Burdick.
    -The feel of paint as you brush it onto a surface.
    -A long afternoon nap.
    -Reading through Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings.
    -Crocheting all day while watching all 5 seasons of Dexter.

  • jja says:

    Cute photos! And that wine sued to me my favorourite too.
    In no particular order…
    1. playing with my cats
    2. bathing with a glass of wine and a book
    3. cooking with friends
    4. having a professional massage
    5. going out with friends (eating, cinema, party…)
    6. sex
    7. sitting in a plane, traveling somewhere
    8. having breakfast somewehere outside (in the nature, close to nature etc., very loooong breakfast
    9. tidy home shoes, pumps or peep toe

  • Di says:

    1. The way a forest smells after a rain
    2. The taste of vine-ripened tomatos sandwiches – nice crusty bread, olive oil, basil, salt and pepper.
    3. Watching my little girl sleep
    4. Spending a rainy afternoon curled up with my daughter each reading our own book.
    5. Napping on warm sand
    6. The sound of the ocean (thank god we live so close)
    7. When driving home from the North Bay and going through the tunnel and seeing the Golden Gate Bridge and the city behind it – always a moment of perfection
    8. Finding that perfect pair of shoes
    9. Gatherings with my entire family (I like my family).
    10. Dancing without care
    Thank you for asking the question, and to all thank you for sharing your wonderful comments.
    Diana from San Francisco

  • Lisen says:

    I think I must have been a cat in a former life, because when I see those tootsies, I’m having pangs much like what I assume “baby fever” feels like. I need a kitty!
    My list:
    *Curling up in bed with a good book and a bag of pick and mix.
    *Going around to all the flea markets in the area- and best of all, if I find a “fynd”.
    *Sniffing lavender. Preferably by rubbing the leaves in the garden between my fingers, but a scentbag is good too.
    *Having a midmorning nap in my partner’s arms after breakfast in the weekend.
    *Strolling around the garden, smelling all the flowers, on a sunny June day, when the nice weather has only started, and the whole summer is ahead.
    *Standing for a moment taking in the landscape late on a summer’s night, when it is still light, no matter what time it is.
    *New shoes.
    *Singing along to the car stereo.
    *Having a long, hot shower.
    *Smelling all the different fancy soaps in a shop.
    *Arriving in a country I’ve never been before.
    *When I happen to come across a scent that brings me back to childhood instantly.

  • Lisen says:

    It’s so funny. I wrote my list before looking at the others, so I wouldn’t just think of what everyone else had mentioned.
    And when I wrote new shoes, I thought nobody would get what I meant. Apparently I’m not as wierd as a thought, as three of us in a row mention shoes…

  • Michelle says:

    I’m keeping these to the simple things, I have lots of things that are not quite so simple…
    Reading a book, almost any book
    Singing. Loud. Often.
    Picking vegetables from my garden (I like this better than eating them….)
    Spending time with each of my children individually.
    A quiet moment spent with my husband.
    Long dinners on the porch in the spring or fall (summer’s too hot!)
    Floating in my swimming pool during a hot summer day.
    A glass (or two!) of red wine.
    A clean house.
    Clean sheets on the bed.
    Pushing a needle filled with beautiful floss through creamy fabric.
    Writing something that makes me proud of my abilities as a writer.

  • Heather says:

    OOOOOhhh!! I love butter & ketchup on pasta, too! My husband thinks it’s disgusting, but it’s definitely one of those comfort food meals that my mom used to make. I love it!

  • Carmen says:

    I love your liking Spanish wines so let me give you an advice: next time, instead Rioja, try any Ribera de Duero wine and let me know. And BTW great list¡¡¡

  • Erin Kleider says:

    Simple Pleasures:
    1. sleeping in — anytime, everytime if possible
    2. a cup of tea, mocha, chai
    3. my favorite TV show
    4. hot baths with a good book
    5. chocolate
    6. a good comfortable pair of shoes
    7. reading and looking at my favorite blogs
    8. singing along to a good song on the radio
    9. doing things with my family — one on one or all of us together
    10. a warm summer breeze
    11. summer vacation
    12. the sound of the waves pounding or lapping the shore
    13. sea shells/sea glass
    14. making things
    15. taking pictures
    And that is where I will end even though it got easier the longer I was at it.

  • Mal says:

    Such a lovely post, Benita, and Bonus’s little toe-pads are so touching. He looks like a contented baby. Best wishes, Mal

  • Kannik says:

    I hardly believe it! I think that I’m the only one feeling happy when
    getting up before anyone else on the weekend:)

  • jja says:

    I did the same, didn’t want to be “influenced” my other peoples lists

  • Ali says:

    I’m sick right now so consider that when reading my list….
    1) Chicken and rice soup
    2) Orange Juice
    3) Sprite Zero
    4) Super soft tissues – Puffs Plus Lotion
    5) A Saturday nap
    6) A Sunday afternoon nap
    7) Reading your blog – I love your blog
    8) A blanket on my legs for warmth
    9) Over the counter medications
    10) Reading magazines
    ~ Ali