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Chez Larsson

The Picture Ledge


Tada! My picture ledge in all it’s glory! When I got it up I wanted to put something on it immediately of course but I didn’t have anything set up so I just popped some of the botanical prints that I’ve mentioned before.



The reason I never got around to making anything with the prints was because the edges are all yellowed and with the previous wall colors it just looked dingy. Now I like the edges. They take the edge (haha) off the white and make the whole atmosphere in the room softer.

I’m sure I will be arranging (and rearranging) my ledge fairly soon but for now I like the botanical prints. And I love my ledge.



Haha, seeing the edge of the ledge (no rhyme intended) like this up close makes me want to give it a bit of a sanding. This was the end bit of the trim I used and it had a dark blue lumberyard mark on it. It went away when sanding but appears to have been brought back out via the oil I used to finish the ledge with. I won’t bother though because to see it you’d have to be standing in the furthest corner of the room and it’s not a place where anyone would normally be.

So, there you have it; one solid oak picture ledge which cost me zero dollars and zero kronor.